Your Checklist for Amazon Prime Day

Your Checklist for Amazon Prime Day

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Are you ready to sell and earn megabucks on Amazon Prime Day?

We hope you are because the much-awaited sales event of the year is happening in less than three weeks.

Although Amazon have yet to announce a date for their biggest flash sale, we’re guessing it’s the 10th or 11th July as Prime Day has always been on the second Tuesday or Wednesday of July since it started in 2015.   

From being a one-day affair intended to get more people to subscribe for Amazon Prime service, Prime Day has evolved into a shopping event highly anticipated by buyers and sellers alike.    

In fact, Amazon had to extend the 24-hour event to 30 hours last year to accommodate the big crowd of shoppers who were 50% more than what they had in 2016. Also, there were more customers who signed up for the Prime subscription service on that day than on any other day in Amazon’s history.

Amazon’s selling tips for Prime Day 2018

Touted as a momentous eCommerce event aside from Black Friday, Prime Day can double or even quadruple your sales if you approach it the right way.

To ensure Amazon FBA sellers achieve their goals on the said day, Amazon sent them an email earlier this month, which contained a checklist of what to prepare for Prime Day.

Here are some of their important reminders:

  • Remove old inventory from an Amazon fulfilment centre to make room for your sellable items.
  • Have sufficient stock of your best-selling items and get them ready at a fulfilment centre on or before June 26.
  • Put your products under a potential customer’s nose with Amazon’s Sponsored Products and pay-per-click advertising programs.
  • Give the best price for a much-coveted item, but don’t announce it until Prime Day so that you don’t clue the competition in.
  • Send your upcoming deals to your mailing list and get them mulling over it in the run-up to Prime Day. You also want to promote those items on social media to arouse the interest of potential customers.

So, are you primed to succeed on Amazon Prime Day? Let us know in the comments below.

As always, to your continued success,

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