Watch out for the New WidgetChimp

Watch out for the New WidgetChimp!

Howdy !

We have good news for all of you, WidgetChimp users.

Matt has found a solution that will get WidgetChimp to conform to eBay’s new policy concerning active content in listings.

In compliance with the new rule, which won’t take effect until the last quarter of 2017, Matt has been busy reworking WidgetChimp to ensure it goes off without a hitch.

As of this writing, major developments have been underway.

Rest assured, you can expect a new and improved WidgetChimp which is very eBay compatible.

Matt’s Wonder Prototype


WidgetChimp was designed primarily to help eBay sellers build responsive listing templates that work on both desktop and mobile devices.

However, eBay has basically blocked JavaScript, which is the active component of WidgetChimp, so some of the tool’s dynamic options will have to go.

But after speaking with Matt, I learnt that he’s already been working on a prototype which does allow the delivery of dynamic data into listings.

The changing of theme colours, most likely layouts and other features will be able to be done remotely.

Where we run into a challenge in doing this dynamically like what was done before using JavaScript (with instant updates of everything), Matt says “I’m working on a bulk revision tool for eBay listings, it’s not somewhere I wanted to go with WidgetChimp, but because of this update, there is no way around it”.

He then later said, “I’m impressed with the progress I have made with the prototype version. The trickiest part will be making it a one button wonder so that the user can press just one button and WidgetChimp does the rest for them”.

How cool is that?

Good Timing for the New WidgetChimp

Realistically, there are another two weeks or more of coding required to bring the new version of the template tool to a level where it can be actively used by users.

The timing on this is horrible, as that lands on or around Black Friday and Cyber Monday (Matt did grumble about eBay’s communication around this being bad and said a few unmentionables).

Matt also spoke of his own personal experiences as an online merchant and a software developer at the same time.

“One thing I’ve learned the hard way is that no matter what systems you have in place, if it’s busy, roll with what you have got until things quieten down. Rocking the boat is one thing, but tipping it over is another. Even if I personally feel the updates for the new WidgetChimp tool were “rock solid”, I’d still not release them on or around that weekend. That sucks a bit, but it’s the “right thing” to do”.

Perhaps you want it for Christmas, eh? We’ll keep you posted.  

To your continued success,


11 replies
  1. Tom Lodowski
    Tom Lodowski says:


    Just received a message from Ebay, stating the following: “We’re writing to let you know that as of March 14, 2017, at least 183 of your listings on the sites contain active content. Active content (e.g. JavaScript, Plug-ins or Flash, iFrame and Form actions) will no longer display in your eBay listings starting in June 2017.”

    They’re planning to update sooner than predicted.

    Do you have any update on the fix?

    Thanks and Regards,

    • Dave Furness
      Dave Furness says:

      Hi Tom,

      Matt has been working on Widget Chimp non stop and is hoping to get an update out on his progress shortly to keep you up to date.

      I have seen the progress so far and it’s looking great.


  2. Phil
    Phil says:

    Looking for an update on this please. We can’t leave it until the last minute and need time to install changes into our listings and it seems to have gone very quiet?

  3. Ed
    Ed says:

    appreciate that you are doing all that you can to comply with the latest stupid ebay requirement.
    However, can you please give a simple yes or no answer.
    Will WC work with the new ebay requirements or not?
    If not, we need to start changiong all of our current ebay listings right now- which, basically, means redoing them all to strip our the WC coding.

    • Dave Furness
      Dave Furness says:

      Hi Suzanne,

      No specific updates yet, work is still being done to try and get as much functionality into the re-worked version as possible.

      As soon as there is an update from WidgetChimp they will let you know.


  4. Steve S
    Steve S says:

    Hi Dave and Matt…
    That’s great news, good luck with the coding progress.
    Will we be able to keep the current WC until after Christmas?
    Although the new version will probably be great (knowing Dave) don’t want to rock the boat on current listings until after the holiday.


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