Magmi Video Course Release Later this Week

Version 2 of the Magmi Course is Due Next Week

Howdy ,

Eighteen months ago we launched the original Magmi course and have helped thousands of business owners create & update their products in Magento faster than ever before.

Now after reading & answering a squillion questions in the UnderstandingE forums, we’ve completely reworked the entire Magmi course to make it a lot easier for new users to pick up Magmi faster than ever before.

Note: See here for the “squillon” forum threads. The count doesn’t include the replies which runs into thousands.

On Tuesday 8th Sept, a new version of the Magmi course will be released, yay!

A Completely Restructured Magmi Course

The new Magmi course has been completely restructured, with all the changes we’ve wanted to make and addressing the common questions we’ve received over the past year & more.

There will be more tutorials in this course than before and the path to getting to grips to using Magmi has been altered & simplified heavily. We help you focus on using Magmi through the use of numerous examples.

Just like all our other courses, we follow the methodology of “Crawl > Walk > Run“.

So you’ll learn the basics to crawl with Magmi, then start walking with Magmi where you’ll be learning how to create configurable products using several examples and then finally in the walk part is all the bonus tutorials we have lined up for you. More on those in a few moments.

Over 15 New Magmi Basics Tutorials

Version 2 of Magmi course is sporting over 30 step-by-step video tutorials, a brief outline of the basics section are below:

  1. Introduction (New)
  2. Say Hello to Magmi. Magmi V’s Magento Dataflow (New)
  3. How to Install Magmi (Same as the original)
  4. Your First Import With Magmi (New)
  5. Using Magmi for Stock Updates (New)
  6. The Required Columns for Magmi Import Files (New)
  7. Updating Magento Attributes with Magmi (New)
  8. Using & Creating Magento Categories with Magmi (New)
  9. Importing Images with Magmi (New)
  10. A Real-Life Example of Creating Products with Magmi (New)
  11. Configurable Products & Magmi (New. Theory)
  12. Configurable Products – One variation (New)
  13. Configurable Products – Two variations (New)
  14. How to Automatically Reindex Magento (New)
  15. M2EPro plugin for Magmi (New)
  16. Where to get help with Magmi (New)
  17. The Top 10 mistakes other people make with Magmi (Adapted from the blog post on this)
  18. Well done! (New)

And that’s just to get you started, because in the “bonus” tutorials is where things get really interesting…

The Bonus Courses

The first part of the course is to get you up & running, to help you become familiar in using all the basic features of Magmi.

And in the additional +15 the bonus tutorials we splinter off into more in-depth topics, such as the advanced usage of plugins. We even get as far as where I originally wanted to go to, which is into using the Magmi Data Pump API and beyond.

To give you an pretty good idea of what the bonus tutorials are going to be, a shortened list is below:

  1. BONUS: How & When to Use Magmi Profiles (New)
  2. BONUS: How to Delete Products with Magmi (New)
  3. BONUS: How to set Related products using Magmi (New)
  4. BONUS: How to set Cross/Upsell products using Magmi (New)
  5. BONUS: How to find any Magento product attribute code (Reworked version from the original)
  6. BONUS: Creating Lots of Categories Quickly Using Magmi (New. Matt’s quick hack)
  7. BONUS: How to use advanced category options with Magmi (New)
  8. BONUS: How to use advanced Image options with Magmi (New)
  9. BONUS: Column Mapper Plugin (New. Handy for handling supplier data feeds with non-standard column headers)
  10. BONUS: Default Values setter plugin (New)
  11. BONUS: Multiple websites / storeviews with Magmi (New)
  12. BONUS: Moved Servers or Hosting and Need to Update Magmi? (Updated)
  13. BONUS: Why does my configurable product options appear under my product images? (New)
  14. BONUS: Tiered Pricing with Magmi (New)
  15. BONUS: Creating Bundle Products with Magmi (New)
  16. BONUS: How to set up the Import Report Mail Notifier (New)
  17. DEVELOPER: How to programmatically create products in Magento using PHP & Magmi datapump API. Parts 1, 2 & 3 (New)
  18. DEVELOPER: Using the Magmi CLI Interface. Part 1 & Part 2 (New)

Moving to Premium

Part of the update to the Magmi course that we have made the decision to move the course to “UnderstandingE Premium“.

Frankly speaking, this is down to the amount of time that this one subject takes up through the forums. Continuing support at that level cannot continue, which was also one of the key reasons to the course being updated.

Note: Both myself Matt & Dave too, appreciate that you might only want this one course and later this month, you’ll be able to buy access to just this course right here and we’ll be releasing a similar version on Udemy where you can purchase the course as a one-off (because we’re thinking you might be a web developer reading this and you may not want access to the rest of the benefits that a Premium subscription offers).

The New Course is Live Later this Week

Later this week the basics part of the new Magmi course will be released, so thats tutorials 1 to 18 (ish) of the first list of tutorials. Also a couple of the bonus tutorials have already been recorded and will be added as soon as the documentation is ready.

Dave is on holiday for a couple of days and the kids go back to School tomorrow, which means I can knuckle-down and start making a dent in the list of additional bonus tutorials that need to be recorded.

As always, we appreciate your ongoing support and personally I can’t wait for the new course to be released, as I know this new version is a country-mile better than the original and you’re going to find using our simpler approach to getting to grips with Magmi and lot easier to comprehend.

To your continued success,

Matt & Dave

7 replies
  1. nbouchez
    nbouchez says:


    where can i find DEVELOPER: How to programmatically create products in Magento using PHP & Magmi datapump API. Parts 1, 2 & 3 (New) tutorial please ?
    Thank you for your other very clear videos…

    • Dave Furness
      Dave Furness says:

      For a developer we have always recommended looking to eastern european countries as they have some very skilled developers there. However good developers will demand good money regardless of where they are based. Some online job sites would be your best chance.


  2. 2012highfashion
    2012highfashion says:

    Hi Matthew,

    I am so excited to take this version 2 of the Magmi course.
    Do you have some estimation for availability date?

    Br. Alisa

  3. Peter
    Peter says:

    Hey Matt and Dave.

    Your courses have helped me and the wife lots, thank you!

    We are both looking forward to the new Magmi course as we have struggled getting this to work for our products.

    Peter and Claire

    • Matthew Ogborne
      Matthew Ogborne says:

      Howdy Peter & Claire,

      Me too! We’ve spent quite a while preparing this course as we’ve been through the forums posts and done our best to address all the common questions.

      I know you do a lot of variation products in Magento and on eBay, that section is in 3 pieces now, a theory section and two practical sections. And we have the example files for you to download. Although with that said, we make all the key parts of the files with you in the tutorials, so you can follow us along as we go.


      • windleman
        windleman says:

        Hi Matt

        I am looking for the bonus tutorial:
        BONUS: How to set Related products using Magmi (New)

        Is this live yet? If not when do yyou think it will be?




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