Why Use Google Hangouts for Webinars?

This week I was tasked with finding us a means to host our own Webinars.  This is something me and Matt have been keen to offer a part of UE, we want to be visible to you the users as much as possible, hence our visibility in the forums.  I very quickly stumbled upon a slight problem.  Price.  I had looked at the usual suspects such as GoToWebinar, Any Meeting and Click Webinar, all of which were just not viable.  All of them ranging from £68 a month up to $120 a month, which was just way to much for us.

As you know UnderstandingE is all about keeping things as low cost as possible, and for us charging for the basic webinars was not an option.  Especially when we would only have 100 participants and we already have more than that number registered in the forums.  So that number could quickly rise, so whilst looking for an alternative I came across the idea of using Google Hangouts.  So after a bit of research I created a ‘Google Hangout On Air’ and sent Matt the invite link.

What we found

Was the perfect solution for us!  We can host a Google Hangout with up to 10 Presenters to an infinite amount of viewers and it automatically gets recorded and stored on your Youtube account so those who couldn’t make it to the actual Live webinar you can catch up with it at a later date.

Our test of Google Hangout went on for 50 minutes and we even invited a good friend of ours to join us on the call.  We spent the 50 minute testing Google Hangout to see if it will work and we are proud to say that we believe it will, and bet of all it is Free!  That is the underlying theme with everything we are creating here with UnderstandingE.  We want to bring you quality that won’t cost you a fortune.

Until next time

Dave & Matt

P.S. We found the effects button on Google Hangout :)

dave and matt hangout

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