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It’s time again for another one of our Entrepreneurs Corner Podcasts!

This week we are joined by Andy Geldman whom a lot of you will know as the man behind the website WebRetailer.

WebRetailer is one of the leading ecommerce news websites and forums in the world and Andy is the man who is responsible for the site and everything you see on there.

Andy has been running the site in various guises for many years now as a one man show which is hugely impressive.  In this Podcast we get to chat with Andy find out more about his story as well as him sharing some fantastic advice with us too.


Podcast Summary

  • How Andy first got started selling online
  • The rather interesting first products he began selling in quantity
  • His move away from selling online
  • The very quick name change after being threatened with legal action from eBay
  • The changes in ecommerce over the past 10+ years
  • Andy’s one piece of advice to those wanting to start selling online

From Selling online to WebRetailer – The Journey


You will hear above how like many other online entrepreneurs Andy got started selling things from around the house on eBay, and quickly realising the potential.

Andy began selling CD’s of vacuum cleaner noise to help babies fall to sleep at night which is the most unusual product we have heard of on this podcast series.

But being a software guy Andy started doing a lot of research into eBay selling software and decided to compile his research and put it online.  That is where the first version of what is now Web Retailer was born, under the name eBay software review.

Within weeks Andy had received cease and desist letters from eBay for using a domain with their trademark in the title.  This led to Andy updating the domain to Auction Software Review which it remained for 10+ years.  Expanding to software for wider marketplaces and other online selling tools.

Realising that the auction term was perhaps a little outdated just over 2 years ago Andy rebranded the site to as you see it today as Web Retailer.  Featuring all aspects of selling online software reviews and forums.


The Web Retailer Website: http://www.webretailer.com/

Have a Story to Tell?

We hope you listening to this enjoyed it as much as we did recording it. If you would like to share your story with us about your entrepreneurial journey then we would love to hear from you, as I’m sure the other members would too!

Leave us a comment below that you would like to chat with us about your journey and we will be in touch.

As always if you have any questions or comments on this recording then feel free to ask them below too.

We look forward to speaking with you soon

Dave, Matt (and of course Andy!)

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