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It’s time again for another one of our Entrepreneurs Corner Podcasts!

This week we are joined by Chris Astley whom a lot of you will have spoken to before in the Forums or our weekly Mastermind meetups.

Chris has many years of experience with Magento, M2E Pro, Magmi and selling on the marketplaces, dealing in one of the most complicated categories or car parts and having to deal with the headaches that fitments and car parts brings.

You will hear the journey of how Chris got started in selling online and where his journey has taken him.  Including his recent switch to consultancy work where he now helps other sellers including many UnderstandingE members on a number of tasks.

Press Play below and listen in right now:

Podcast Summary

  • How Chris got started selling online
  • What was the first item sold and why in the car parts category
  • The different softwares that he has used to sell online
  • The desire to learn rather than pay for help with the website leading him to become a developer
  • How he found UnderstandingE and what he thought of the 3rd Generation
  • His move from primarily selling online to now consultancy and helping others sell online too
  • What he can do as The Website Guy to help other online sellers
  • As always we ask Chris for his one tip when it comes to selling online

From Selling online to The Website Guy


Chris first started selling online in 2005 within the car parts category, and over the past ten years has seen immense changes in the ecommerce arena.  In this time you will hear how he has tried different types of software and by mid 2010 had jumped ship to Magento and M2E Pro.

In a true entrepreneur style Chris hated having to pay for changes to one of his 6 websites that he was running, and decided that he was going to learn how to write code and ultimately become a developer.

Fast forward to today and Chris is now enjoying sharing his skills and ecommerce expertise with others when he set up ‘The Website Guy’ which is aimed at helping other multi-channel ecommerce sellers using Magento, M2E Pro or Magmi to overcome some of their hurdles from someone who has been and jumped over them before.

From helping with Magmi imports to building entire Magento websites there isn’t much Chris can’t turn his hand to and if you want to get in touch with Chris you can check out the links below:


The Website Guy Website: http://thewebsiteguy.xyz/

The Website Guy UnderstandingE page: https://understandinge.com/partners/website-guy/

Processes are King

With all of our Entrepreneurs we ask them one question at the end which is “What one tip would you give to someone wanting to start selling online?”

For Chris his one tip can be summed up in one word…Processes.

He makes the point that the whole point of you starting your business is to grow it, and whilst starting with 5 orders a day is manageable, it can become very disruptive to start adapting processes when you are at 200 orders a day.

So from the start you should always keep in mind how big you want to be and consider that when dealing with the processes in every aspect of your business, and make the processes as scalable as possible.

Have a Story to Tell?

We hope you listening to this enjoyed it as much as we did recording it. If you would like to share your story with us about your entrepreneurial journey then we would love to hear from you, as I’m sure the other members would too!

Leave us a comment below that you would like to chat with us about your journey and we will be in touch.

As always if you have any questions or comments on this recording then feel free to ask them below too.

We look forward to speaking with you soon

Dave, Matt (and of course Chris!)

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  1. Yaniv Feldman
    Yaniv Feldman says:

    I left a request on his website, but so far (over a week after) no reply :-(
    He’s probably too busy with the great referral you gave him?


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