UnderstandingE Nominated for Real Business Future 50 Accolade!

Hey there, We have received some fantastic news, that we want to share with you. something which neither of us can believe has happened, however needless to say we are both thrilled about it.

On Thursday evening we received an email saying that we had been nominated for the Retail Business Everline Future 50 2014.  Now for those of you who haven’t heard of the Future 50 before, this is their description in their own words:

“Real Business created the Future 50 project in 2011, to recognise the UK’s most exciting, most disruptive early-stage businesses.

The Future 50 is a nationwide programme to identify, celebrate and support the companies (and concepts) that will be the powerhouses of tomorrow. This is the most coveted accolade for early-stage UK businesses.”

So we have been invited down to the Future 50 party in February to hear the shortlist and for the ‘Future 50’ be announced. For us this is incredible.  The site has been live for just 3 weeks, and so far the reception we have received is incredible.  To be one of the nominees for the Real Business Future 50 is something else entirely.

To us it means that other people see the potential of what we are creating here, and truly believe that we can create not just something disruptive but something exciting for the future of business both in the UK and globally. We have no idea if we will make it in to the top 50, but for us we are already honored to be nominated at all.

Thank You

It will be a great event down in London and a great opportunity to make other exciting new businesses.  We just want to say thank you for everyone who is reading this and using UnderstandingE so far.

Your feedback has been incredible and invaluable.  We took a punt back in September when we thought there may be an audience for what UnderstandingE would become, and thankfully we have been proven right.

Here’s to all of our future success,

Matt & Dave

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  1. Makbul raj
    Makbul raj says:

    Congrats Matt ! This is really incredible to reach such a major milestone in just one month. I truly wish that we will reach to all small ecommerce business and become inspiration for all those who are suffering with the fever that multichannel business can not run without paying fat commission to big companies

  2. Steve S
    Steve S says:

    To use your word guys YAY !!!! :-)
    You truly deserve the Future 50 accolade – for the fact you recognized (and did something about) giving us small internet merchants the opportunity to grow online.
    Well done – now less of the celebrating and get back to work on those Premium Guides, tehe ;-)

    • Matthew Ogborne
      Matthew Ogborne says:

      Howdy Steve,

      Thank you. Both myself & Dave appreciate the comment.

      We’re on those guides, 4 were recorded today and they were not the easiest of topics to cover, tax and Magento.

      Can’t wait for you to see these as we’ve done our best to make them as easy as possible and non-nerd :)


  3. Nigel Cliff
    Nigel Cliff says:

    “Wow” Matt & Dave. you probably won’t remember Matt? we had a brief conversation 9 months ago when i asked you all the questions you have just covered in your wonderful guides….At that time you were very busy and couldn’t really help me. I was disappointed but resolved to keep watching what you were doing! Well the “wow” at the beginning of this communication is my response to what you and Dave have achieved. I have learned more from your guides in three weeks than a year of the wasted searching and confronting the nerd! Not to mention how expensive the nerd can be…
    You both deserve the accolade and I am sure there will be many more to follow!.
    A huge thank you. Nigel.
    I look forward to joining your premium service when you make it available.

    • Dave Furness
      Dave Furness says:

      Hey Nigel

      Firstly can I say hearing this:

      I have learned more from your guides in three weeks than a year of the wasted searching and confronting the nerd! Not to mention how expensive the nerd can be…

      Is amazing for me and I’m sure Matt as well. It makes everything over the past few months seem totally worth while to know you are getting this type of value from the guides so far…and hopefully will continue to do so over the coming months / years.

      Thank you so much for the kind words regarding the ‘Future 50’ As you can see in the post, it was an incredible surprise to both of us. So much so Matt thought I was joking when I told him we were in the 50. But like I have said, massive thanks for all of the support so far, it has been incredible.

      As for Premium it should be ready this week with any luck

      Thanks again


  4. Dale Holden
    Dale Holden says:

    Nothing ventured nothing gained and you both deserve everything.You both took a big risk and the path looks good and rewarding in every sense. Well done and i hope you win it.

    • Dave Furness
      Dave Furness says:

      Cheers Dale, really appreciate the support, just to be nominated at this early stage is good enough for us. The fact that Shutl were nominated a couple of years ago gives us something to aspire to. :)


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