UnderstandingE is Changing – August 1st 2016

GrowingHowdy ,

Today we get to share with you some exciting news! As a child grows, so has UnderstandingE.

We have grown from a small idea back in 2013 which we didn’t know if it would work or not, into an established business.

Our offerings have just gotten bigger and better over the last 4 years.

When we started out our main objective was to help start-ups, small and medium-sized businesses increase revenue and sell online the right way.

To give you access to software in an inexpensive manner which put you on a level playing field with the bigger businesses.

We feel we have done a damn-good job in achieving this, we have seen a huge number of our community grow their businesses incredibly over the past few months and years.

Like all good entrepreneurs though we are not content with this, as such it is now time for us to grow up and alter our objectives accordingly.

We have decided to move up a gear and whilst we will still provide great quality advanced tutorials as always, we will also be exploring more adventurous opportunities.

Namely those based around software that we know will help your business grow long term.

What to Expect from this Change

The most noticeable change for you will be the site altering the membership tiers.

On the 1st August we will be retiring standard membership from the site and moving all of the content to Premium.

Instead we will offer all new members a 7 day trial period (could well be longer!) where they can sample the content we have and then choose the Premium tier they think is best for them.

The next change is that there will be some changes to our Premium pricing model.

We will be introducing some new tiers which will be announced nearer the time but what we can share with you is that our monthly Premium membership will cost £29.99 a month which is still less than £1 a day! Our annual Premium membership will cost just £330 a year.

Premium membership will of course encompass everything we have to offer including:

  • All of the 400+ video tutorials (With many more still to come)
  • Webinars (Including access to all the past recordings)
  • The podcast library
  • Unlimited forum access
  • WidgetChimp (and what that evolves into over time)
  • Plus much more still to come

You will also get exclusive early access to some of the upcoming tools we have planned for release later this year which we know you are going to love!


We know that you may have some questions about these changes which is why on the 19th of July in our Mastermind webinar we will dedicate the webinar to the changes and we can answer any questions you may have.

The question we suspect you may have is one about Premium membership.

If you are an existing Premium member then you will be ‘grandfathered’ in under your existing membership rate.

So if you were to join Premium before 1st August 2016 you would get in before they price increase and this rate would continue for the length of your membership.

So with that said we hope that you will join us on this journey, for when we thought of this, we had you in mind.

As always we wish for your continued success, and look forward to this new chapter together,

Dave & Matt

Founders & Directors

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  1. Rik Powell
    Rik Powell says:

    £30 is great value, you can build a website (a very good website), learn from you and your community, build multi channel software to then run your new WWW, ebay and Amazon and have Widget Chimp.

    Those factors alone are well worth the subscription.

    (Providing Widget Chimp conforms to the upcoming ebay mobile listing requirements in the future, I would urge people to use this.)

    large SaaS providers take 1.5% typically of your revenue (this excludes set up costs) and say it is financally worth using if your monthly revenues are in excess of £20k

    Q: At what stage should you use UE premium?
    I would say you need to be using UE premium as early as possible once you have decided you can run a WWW, ebay and Amazon business.


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