The Ultimate Guide to Selling on Amazon Course

The Ultimate Guide To Selling on Amazon Parts 3 & 4

Howdy ,

Today we are really excited to bring you the next two guides of the ‘Ultimate Guide to Selling on Amazon’ course.

If you missed the first two parts then you can catch up with those here

Matt’s just fixed the problem we had on Tuesday and we’ll start adding these to a proper course on the site.  But for speed we are continuing with blog post style for today.

So let’s jump straight in and get started with lesson 3.

Part 3 – Amazon from a Buyers Perspective

In the video below for tutorial 3 we show you Amazon from a ‘Buyers’ perspective.

By putting yourself in the shoes of an Amazon customer you can see what they see and find out how best to frame your products when you start selling.

Your Personal Amazon Coaches

In this tutorial myself and Matt act as your personal Amazon tour guides and take you on a quick tour of the Amazon marketplace encouraging you to look at it from a buyers perspective and looking to see what a buyer will see.

We have created a list for you of areas to look out for in the above video:

  • The size and location of the search box
  • Where the basket and checkout is
  • How clean the pages are (Lots of white space)
  • How products are laid out on the pages
  • Product ratings stars & the number of ratings there are
  • The amount of “offers” on popular products
  • And where the product description is on the product page

As a bonus we also touch on Amazon Prime and take a look at if you think you would shop differently if you had paid £79 / $99 a year for this subscription.  We think you’ll reach the same conclusion that we did!

Follow us along in the video above and if you’re a seller try and switch your view to that of a buyer, chances are you will start seeing things in a different light!

Part 4 – Amazon from a Sellers Perspective

In tutorial 4 we show you how to flip things round, using what we covered with you in tutorial 3 to now compare that perspective, to that of a sellers.

Tutorial #4 is below and you’ll learn to see Amazon from a Sellers perspective:

In this tutorial we once again head over to Amazon and show you Amazon from a Sellers perspective.

We show you how to look over Amazon again but this time through the eyes of an Amazon seller.

We also look at the importance of reviews and ratings on Amazon as well as the ‘Best Sellers’ and how to navigate these through the different categories.

Our aim in these two tutorials is to make you familiar with the Amazon pages and navigation and make you aware of how the different data points are displayed to your potential customers.

By knowing this it will put you in a much better position compared to if you had never looked at this before.

In Summary

You now know exactly what to expect from the Amazon marketplace and perhaps more importantly what your customers expect from the Amazon marketplace too!

You have seen what is most important in an Amazon listing and that is going to put you in a much better position over the coming tutorials once we start compiling our first listings on the Amazon channel.

With that said coming up in the next tutorial we take a look at the Amazon Buy Box and why it’s critically important!


We’ll see you soon,

Matt & Dave
Co-Founders of UnderstandingE

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