The Ultimate Guide to Multi Channel Software Book

The Ultimate Guide to Multi Channel Software Book

The Ultimate Guide to Multi Channel Software BookHowdy,

The fact is Multi Channel software will help you and your business grow.

It’s something that I have seen hundreds of times over the years and I know that using such software will save you time, effort and money every day.

I wrote this book because I was fed up as much as you. No-one ever focuses on the key features that you’ll find in Multi Channel software and keeps it in “Plain English”.

This book is jam-packed with tips & suggestions you need and will prepare you with the insight, the tools and the questions you need to investigate when selecting the right software for your business.

There are over 70 pages of 100% Plain English insight in this book and this is the definitive guide to Multi Channel software and will enable you to work ON your business rather than IN it everyday.

And best of all, right now it’s free for you to download and read.

Matthew Ogborne
Author of The Ultimate Guide to Multi Channel Software

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You Will Learn:

This book assumes that you have no prior knowledge of Multi Channel software and you will learn everything below and a lot more too:

  • That Multi Channel software can help you “be everywhere”
  • You need a key, aka the Stock Number to keep stock levels in-sync
  • There are risks to being everywhere and that these can be reduced by using business rules

You’ll learn about the “be everywhere” strategy in a few moments on this page, also in the book you’ll learn:

  • That an inventory management system can help you manage small & large amounts of products
  • Templates can help expedite the listing process and add “quality” to each and every listing
  • By combining orders into a single screen can help you process them in bulk
  • Couriers can be integrated and you can apply business rules to orders to change the delivery method

And then I’ll help you with the insight, the knowledge and the tools to work out the crucial questions you’ll be making:

  • That there are different generations of Multi Channel software
  • How to work out which provider is right for you and the true costs of them as well
  • Where to find 2nd Generation software providers and what the 3rd Generation is all about

I’m only scratching the surface here too, this really is the definitive guide to Multi Channel software.

Nothing like this has been written before.

Everything is written in “Plain English”, there are no geeky terms used anyone can read this book and become one of the elite few that know how Multi Channel software works, how its’ priced and how to make the decision on which software is right for their business.

If you just want to download the book right now click here to go to the bottom this page and you’ll have it in your hands in seconds.

Matthew Ogborne
Author of The Ultimate Guide to Multi Channel Software

The Be Everywhere Strategy

Magento and M2E Pro Video Tutorials for eBay and AmazonDuring this book you’re introduced to the “Be-Everywhere Strategy”, so what is this?

Your customers are on eBay, they’re on Amazon and they’re in Google.

By being everywhere your customers are when they’re in the buying mode, you can leverage these marketplaces to gain more sales.

The math here is really simple:

More sales channels
= More eyeballs looking at your products
= A higher chance of selling
= More sales
= More profit

Multi Channel software helps you do this. You can sell the same products on eBay, on Amazon and on your own eCommerce website.

This isn’t any social marketing blurb, you need to be where the customers are making their decisions, not thinking about what they might buy like on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and so on…

People go to eBay, they go to Amazon and they go to eCommerce websites with one main intention, to buy.

Multi Channel software can help you be there with them.

Be there with them too.

Matthew Ogborne
Author of The Ultimate Guide to Multi Channel Software

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You’ll be able to start reading the book immediately and we’ll also send a download link to your inbox so that you can read it any time that you need to.

I’ll also be in touch a couple of days later to see how you’re getting on too. I want your business to be a success and will including tips & suggestions to accompany the book.


Matthew Ogborne
Author of The Ultimate Guide to Multi Channel Software

5 replies
  1. Sergey Lodkin
    Sergey Lodkin says:

    I can’t fill the form and enter my details to get a link to download. The form doesn’t allow any typing.
    How can I obtain the book?

  2. David
    David says:

    Hi Matt and Dave,

    I don’t know how you chaps find the time to do all this.

    Well I do. You told us on Tuesdays meeting. Working while on holiday, can’t believe you got away with that, my wife would have beat me!


    • Matthew Ogborne
      Matthew Ogborne says:

      Morning David,

      Thanks for the comment David.

      Yea, it was a case of getting up early each morning and making a dent in each chapter. Oh and not forgetting the two weeks of epic work that followed the draft version.

      I’m glad you enjoyed the book :)


    • Matthew Ogborne
      Matthew Ogborne says:

      Howdy David,

      Yea nothing quite like walking along a beach, barefoot and watching the sunrise. Immensely enjoyable.

      Back to reality now though.

      Forgot how much work it actually takes to write a book like that. We did the one simple rule book a while ago which has been popular, but the new one, took hours upon hours to perfect and even then I missed some small things in the first release. If it’s really hard to do, then it’s probably worth doing it eh?

      Enjoy the video tutorial. it’s a bit of a longer one at 27 mins as I walk you through how you find the template files (as I know I’ll get asked how to add it to another tab sooner or later). And the rest is copy & paste loveliness. Even Dave could do it!



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