UK Online Retailers Attract Foreign Shoppers

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Majority of foreign shoppers prefer to buy products from your online store and other online retailers in the UK than those who are based elsewhere.

Aside from trusting the quality of British brands, customers abroad like the fact that UK online stores offer products that aren’t available in their local stores.

The data of British Retail Consortium (BRC), a representative of UK retailers, show a 23% increase in the volume of overseas customers searching for UK retailers in the last quarter of 2016.

Fashion is the most searched category on record, followed by health and beauty.


Helen Dickinson Obe, CEO of BRC

In connection to the popularity of UK online retailers to foreign shoppers, Helen Dickinson Obe, chief executive officer of BRC, said:

“At home, the top trending searches reveal that seasonal occasions and events prompted the highest volumes of browsing activity. Meanwhile, the attention of overseas consumers was drawn to the apparel and beauty brands which demonstrated the strongest growth in category searches on a mobile device, with an impressive 64 per cent and 50 per cent increase respectively.”

Croatia wound up as the country with the highest volume of searches for British brands, recording a 106% increase on mobile devices.


UK Retailers and their Mobile Strategy

Like any popularity contest, you must constantly improve your strategy to stay ahead in the eCommerce race and prevent the current situation from overturning.


Martijn Bertisen, Sales Director – Google UK

Since more and more consumers are leaning towards mobile transactions, enhancing your mobile payment system could help put your business at a competitive advantage.  

Martijn Bertisen, sales director at Google UK, said only five of the top 20 UK retailers have a mobile site that loads in less than two seconds.

Note that online customers don’t have the patience for slow-loading websites; if your checkout page takes longer than three seconds to load, off they go.

“Slowing tablet sales has meant that increased demand is largely coming from smartphones, with triple digit growth observed in some regions. In this mobile-first world, having a great user experience is crucial for our retailers,” he said.

All roads lead to m-Commerce, so it’s high time you add a mobile-friendly payment system to your responsive Magento website.

What steps are you taking to ensure that your eCommerce site meets your customers’ growing inclination for mobile payments? Let us know in the comments below.

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