UK eCommerce Enjoys Sales Momentum

Things are looking up for you guys according to recent data from IMRG!

These days many retailers remain in high gear so as not to break the sales momentum that UK’s eCommerce industry has gained in July.

The total eCommerce sales of the UK surged by 18.7% last month, the highest it has reached since November 2014.

Based on the data of the IMRG Capgemini Sales Index, the strong performance of the clothing sector and its sub-sectors contributed to this massive growth.

The report also shows an increase of 19% in the online sales of multichannel retailers, while that of retailers who only sold online grew by 18% in the same period.

Impressive Sales from Multichannel Retailers

In IMRG’s press release, Bhavesh Unadkat, Capgemini’s retail customer engagement consultant, said:

“Impressive sales from the multichannel retailers saw them drive growth and undoubtedly helped the month’s figures. Indeed, many of these retailers had reactive plans in place to match the discounts offered by Amazon Prime Day, which goes some way to explaining the drop in basket value. These low prices spurred high volume sales which ensured double digit growth.”

There you have it, the underlying power of selling on multiple sales channels.

Our blog post on multichannel software gives you an insight into several possible ways you can increase your sales, not to mention advance your business at a faster rate.

Hot Weather Equals Higher Sales

July wasn’t a hot month for nothing.

UK’s online sales spiralled upwards during this period as consumers splurged on clothes that were both summer appropriate and on-trend.

The clothing sector grew by 22%, while its sub-sectors recorded above average annual growth.

Aside from that, the home sector also grew by 50%, while the garden sector saw a 39% growth.

Tina Spoon, IMRG’s chief information officer, says UK’s online sales growth is ahead of forecast and its double-digit growth may continue throughout August.

And hopefully it goes on until Christmas, don’t you agree?

What have you been doing lately to increase your online sales? We’d love to hear about it in the comments.

To your continued success!

Dave & Matt

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