the missing m2epro setup guides and manuals

The Missing User Manuals for M2EPro

Howdy ,

For the past two weeks we’ve been working on the missing user manuals for M2EPro.

User Manuals for M2EPro and eBayThese aren’t the video tutorials that we have in Installing & Configuring M2EPro course, we mean the written manuals on how to setup and configure M2EPro.

As you already know we like to do things in “Plain English” here at UnderstandingE and have made 3 user manuals for setting up M2EPro for eBay.

These were created by the request from eBay and if you’ve found your way to UnderstandingE from eBay welcome!

The details for each of these M2EPro user guides are below and you can download all 3 of the M2EPro user guides at the bottom of this article.

The Getting Started with M2EPro User Guide

In this 53 page user guide you’ll learn everything you need to know to get started with M2EPro.

Each section of this guide includes step-by-step instructions with screenshots to get you up & running with M2EPro on eBay pronto.

Also to help you with each stage we’ve included tips from myself & Dave on any extra considerations. These might not be as detailed as what we have included in the video tutorials (see here), however where needed we have linked in external resources, such as specific video tutorials so you can find out more information as desired.

m2epro getting started guide manualThe Chapters:

  • What is Multi-Channel Software
  • What is M2E Pro
  • eBay Integration Steps
  • Setting up M2E Pro – Linking eBay to M2E Pro
  • Setting up M2E Pro – The Wizard
  • Listing Your First Product To eBay
  • Managing eBay Orders in Magento
  • Adding More Products to eBay
  • Where & What Now?

Pages: 53
Download: Here

The Selling Variations on eBay with M2EPro User Guide

In this user guide you’ll learn how to set up M2EPro to sell variation products on to eBay.

Because each Magento installation is different, also includes are step-by-step instructions on how to create configurable products in Magento and then how to list these on to eBay.

This was the toughest guide of all 3 of them to get right because when it comes to the different labels eBay needs, the requirements change from category to category. Page 28 is dedicated exclusively to this point and I sincerely hope this makes sense to you.

Selling Variations on eBay with M2EPro User GuideAlso included in this eBay/M2EPro user guide are basic steps to handle listing errors & warnings and crucially where to get help if you experience them.


  • Video Tutorials
  • Variation Products Theory
  • Creating a Variation Product in Magento
  • Listing Variation Products on eBay
  • Warning & Error Messages
  • Where & What Now?

Pages: 33
Download: Here

The Going Global M2EPro User Guide

And in the third user guide we cover the topic of selling internationally on eBay using Magento & M2EPro.

This user guide is a cut-down version of the eBay Cross Border Trade using Magento & M2EPro course and will take you through the steps of selling your first product internationally on eBay.

The chapters are outlined below and we take you through a similar processed outlined in the video course where we leverage the in-built features of Magento to separate out product and order information using Magento store views.

Going Global with M2EPro and eBay User GuideChapters:

  • The Complete Video Course
  • Important – Make a Backup
  • The Process
  • Step 1 – Adding a New Magento Store View
  • Step 2 – Adding in Additional Currencies to Magento
  • Step 3 – Additional Magento Pricing Attributes for Maximum Control
  • Step 4 – Enabling the Additional eBay sites in M2E Pro
  • Step 5 – Creating a New M2E Pro Listing Group
  • Step 6 – Listing to an International eBay Site
  • The Key Differences When Using a Magento Store View
  • Where and What now?

Pages: 25
Download: Here


Download the M2EPro User Guides

User Manuals for M2EPro and eBayIt appears that you are not signed in or are not a member of UnderstandingE yet. You can join UnderstandingE using the button below or sign in here.

In Summary – The Missing M2EPro User Manuals

If you’re already up and running with Magento & M2EPro then frankly speaking these guides won’t be much use to you. However if you’re brand new to M2EPro & eBay, these are going to help you loads!

All 3 of the user manuals for M2EPro were tricky to get right with the most troublesome of them all being the variations manual.

Unlike the video tutorials where you will have had a decent understanding of what variations are and how they work in Magento already. And most likely you will have existing knowledge of how variations and multi-variations work on eBay. This guide was specifically designed for someone who didn’t already have that knowledge.

If you find these 3 user manuals to M2EPro & eBay useful, do let let us know in the comments box below.

Matt & Dave

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  1. Donny Barrera
    Donny Barrera says:

    I Would like to download the guides since i have big time trouble with listing my products.
    Magento keep saying: GTC product status is not available for this type of offer or category.

    Everytime i go to the download page i got logged out immediately saying i need to sign up first.. very frustrating..

  2. sales7568
    sales7568 says:

    Hi Guys, I want to download these books. I keep loging in but then when I get to this page it says join Understandinge to get the books. At a loss as already a member and have signed in as previous post but still no joy

  3. chris7359
    chris7359 says:

    Hi Guys, I want to download these books. I keep loging in but then when I get to this page it says join Understandinge to get the books. At a loss.

    • Matthew Ogborne
      Matthew Ogborne says:

      Howdy Chris,

      You need to be signed in for the download links to appear. From the top right of the site click login and then come back to this page and the buttons will change to download ones for you.


  4. david4127
    david4127 says:

    As someone with only experience of basic Drupal using Turnkey Linux, faced with a friend desperate to streamline his on-line shop with Ebay selling, I’m putting myself through a crash course with the amazing experience you are providing.

    best regards



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