The Homepage Bonus tutorials are now Live!

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The Homepage Bonus Tutorials are Now Live!

These are four tutorials that we either forgot to include in the main course or that are more optional in nature and didn’t fit in the main course structure.

So let’s take a look at what we now have available for you.

Adding a Favicon


In this tutorial we show you how to add Favicon to your Magento website.

It is super easy to do and will make your website look more professional to potential customers visiting your site.

To find out the easy way to do this and get favicons on your site then you can watch the tutorial by clicking the link below:

Adding a Twitter Feed


In this tutorial we show you how you can add your twitter feed to your Magento website.

In the tutorial we opt to put the feed on the homepage on the right hand side.  However we show you how easy it is to get the code and you could put it anywhere on your site.

It is copy and paste easy and will show your customers that you are a social business and that they can interact with you on Twitter.

It is worth noting we only recommend doing this if you have an active Twitter account.  If you don’t then an empty or out of date theme can make it look like the business no longer is running.

To follow us along and a Twitter feed to your site then you can watch the tutorial by clicking the link below:

How to Add a Facebook Like Box


In this tutorial similar to the Twitter one above we show you how to add a Facebook ‘Like’ box to your Magento website.

Once again it is copy and paste easy and you get a fantastic looking Facebook box on your homepage.

Just like with Twitter this shows your site visitors that you are a modern business if you are active on social networks, and it also gives them some social reinforcement as they can see other customers who ‘Like’ your business.

Again this wouldn’t be recommended if you don’t actively use your Facebook business page as this could give a negative impression to visitors.

If you would like to add this to your website then you can follow us along by clicking the link below:

Editing Placeholder Images


Finally we have the editing the placeholder images tutorial.

This is where we show you how to edit the default placeholders in Magento and customise them to something more personal to your own brand and website.

Chances are that most customers will never see the placeholder images but they do look better if you create your own.

So to edit your placeholder images click the link below and follow us along:

So with that said, go and dig in to the 4 new bonus tutorials and take your brand new Magento website just that little step further!

Matt & Dave

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