Take Advantage of People’s Sweltering Nights

Take Advantage of People’s Sweltering Nights

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Summer’s scorching heat is keeping people up all night doing all sorts of things, including shopping online.

Yep, you read that right. And if you take advantage of this lucrative opportunity, you just might see your sales shoot up as other retailers have during the previous year’s biggest heatwave.

A report from The Trade Desk shows that the hot weather in July last year spurred a 19% increase in Internet traffic overnight across the UK, as many people stayed plugged into their mobile devices instead of hitting the sack.

London’s Internet usage spiked 49% higher, followed by Manchester (44%), Sheffield (32%), and Nottingham (28%).

Brands that benefited from this traffic surge were those related to education and careers, with their audience increasing by 88% and 95%, respectively.

Family and parenting brands managed to get 90% more users to view their ads, while food and drink ads had a 36% increase in audience.  

What’s the point of using temperature-based ads?

As an online seller, you want to factor the current weather conditions in your marketing strategy as these affect your customer’s moods and needs.

When they’re baking in the summer heat, they want to be in breathable clothes and someplace to cool themselves down.  

But when the biting cold of the winter becomes too much to bear, they want to bundle up, stay indoors, and have a movie marathon.

Sacha Berlik, managing director for EMEA at The Trade Desk, said external factors such as the weather are often overlooked during the allocation of marketing budget, which shouldn’t be the case. She explained:

“Heatwaves present the perfect opportunity for brands to engage an inflated audience of bored and frustrated consumers with helpful or inspiring messages – as many people turn to their phones or laptops when high temperatures leave them tossing and turning. I have no doubt that the advertisers that are flexible and set some budget aside to accommodate the unexpected will get the biggest bang for their marketing buck this summer.”

Have you started incorporating the weather in your ad campaigns? We’d love to hear from you in the comments below.

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