Get Ready for the WordPress Crash Course

Howdy ! We’re happy to announce that we’re rolling out the WordPress Crash Course this week. Here you’re going to learn what WordPress is and why it is the favourite blogging platform of writing enthusiasts, marketing experts and eCommerce businesses. In case you didn’t know yet, the world’s top eCommerce websites maintain a blog as […]

How Image Optimisation Improves Customer Engagement  

Howdy ! Have you ever been to a boutique which has neither garment racks nor mannequins to display their merchandise on? If there’s such a place, it has probably closed down or gone broke a long time ago. No matter how good their product line is, any store that doesn’t value what their customers see […]

What’s Worrisome about Quirky Domain Names?

Howdy ! Like in real life, you need an identification on the Internet, whether you run a blog, a personal website or an eCommerce store — otherwise, you’ll never be found. You want a domain name that people can easily recall and mirrors what you offer on your website. If you fancy an odd name, […]

How to put a MailChimp Signup on your Magento Website – Webinar Replay

Howdy ! On our UnderstandingE Mastermind on the 20th September we talked about MailChimp and how to set up an email sign up for your website. In this Mastermind webinar we discussed how a MailChimp signup form can be a great communication tool between the seller and the customers.  It is never too late to start […]

What’s Your Web Analytics Tool?

Howdy ! You don’t need to spend a lot of money, nor perform every tactic in SEO books to magnetise customers to your website. However, knowing that your marketing is working is the key to ensuring you are not just throwing money down the metaphorical drain. A web analytics tool generates a comprehensive report which […]

Recording: Why You Want a Website (Premium)

In this webinar we discuss why you really want an ecommerce website for your business and the dangers of putting all your eggs in the marketplaces basket.

Last Minute Checklist for the Holiday Season

Last Minute Checklist for the Holiday Season

Now is the time to do a last minute checklist on your eCommerce business to make sure you are ready for the Holiday season.

Two New Bonus Tutorials Now Live! (+ a Bonus One)

We now have two brand new tutorials as part of the design course focusing on making it easier for you to move your dev site to a live site including settings, pages and static blocks.