Homebase is Named UK's Worst eCommerce Site

Homebase is Named UK’s Worst eCommerce Site

Howdy ! The eCommerce market continues to grow as consumers rely heavily on online shops not only for their purchases but also for product research. And with the strong demand for online retailers comes the constant challenge to meet shoppers’ great expectations.   Unfortunately, not everyone who rises to the challenge emerges victorious. To determine […]

Ward off Fake Online Reviews

Ward off Fake Online Reviews  

Howdy ! Online reviews offer an eCommerce business free advertising as well as a springboard for increasing their sales. Nothing can be more powerful in encouraging online shoppers to buy a product from an unfamiliar brand than a great review. According to Forbes, 90% of online consumers read online reviews, which affect the purchasing decisions […]

The Experts’ Top 10 Ways to Retain Customers

Howdy ! With start-ups springing up by the minute and online giants constantly working on new gimmicks, it’s important that you don’t get left behind in eCommerce. What better way to stay in the lead than to keep your customers loyal to your business? How to achieve that isn’t as difficult as it sounds, so […]

eCommerce Sales via Smartphones Grow by 19%

Howdy ! We know how mobile phones are increasingly turning into the main shopping tool of online shoppers, but news of eCommerce sales growing by means of these devices still never fails to amaze us. It clearly validates the value of a responsive website design that’s easy to view and navigate, especially on devices with […]

Low Stocks Level

Using Low Stock levels to Sway Purchase Decision

Howdy ! Better let your customers know if your stock is running low than upset them when they find the item they want gone.   Nothing can be more frustrating, especially if they got their eye on a particular thing and have been planning to buy it. Notifying your customers of low stock items will […]

Drive Your Brand Forward with Promotional Products

Howdy ! Do you like giving free stuff to your customers? Now now, that’s not a jaw-dropping question, but a sensible one that you should be considering. After all, sourcing and listing new products in your online store and various marketplaces isn’t enough to drive your sales up. Think up a sales strategy reinforced by […]