M2E Pro Gets Fiercer at 10

Howdy ! Crack open a bottle of bubbly to celebrate the 10th anniversary of our favourite Magento extension M2E Pro. At the time of writing it has recorded 106,573 downloads on Magento Connect, which just goes to show that online sellers rely heavily on it. Throughout the years, M2E Pro has helped thousands of businesses […]

Magento Welcomes $250m Investment from Hillhouse

Magento Welcomes $250M Investment from Hillhouse

Howdy ! There’s no stopping the growth of Magento Commerce this year, thanks to the Chinese investor who expressed optimism about the company’s future.   One of Asia’s largest investment firms, Hillhouse Capital, has invested a whopping $250 million in Magento for its global expansion specifically in Asia. In its official press release, Magento said […]

All this talk of Multi-Channel Software

Here we share with you our first infographic where we look at the benefits of using multi channel software and channels for your online business.

New Meeting Software for the Weekly Meetups

New Meeting Software for the HappyHour Events + Tonights Topic!

We’ve switched meeting providers and have moved to GoToWebinar. You WILL need to register again and tonight’s topic is all about Multi Channel software. Join now to…

The Ultimate Guide to Multi Channel Software Book

The Ultimate Guide to Multi Channel Software Book

Are you looking to use Multi Channel Software and are confused? This is the definitive guide for eBay, Amazon & Magento business owners. Everything you need to know in 100% Plain English.

Why There Will Never Be A 4th Generation of Multi Channel Software (EVER)

The only direction for the 3rd generation of multi-channel eCommerce software to go is to take ownership. To write, to own the software that will directly integrate your business into the marketplaces, this is exactly the piece that you never want and I’ll explain why. A Mirror Image It’s just like what we have right now with […]

The History of Multi Channel Software – Part 2

In this second part of the History of Multi-Channel Software, we’re starting a journey, a journey to find the utopia and a journey that we’re going to share openly, wins, failures, the lot. The utopia for multi-channel software that can fit the needs of any business regardless of size, type, location or revenue both today and tomorrow. […]

The History of Multi-Channel Software – Part 1

Multi-channel software, love it or hate it, if you’re selling online and using the online marketplaces such as eBay or Amazon, you need it and it makes a massive difference to you being able to run a successful online business or having to wade through the endless repetitive tasks each day manually. This is part 1 of […]