Facebook Marketplace Offers Home Services

Howdy ! Some people sell products, others offer home services. If you’re the latter, you might want to consider the new feature on the Facebook Marketplace for your business.   The social media giant recently rolled out a dedicated section for home service providers, such as plumbers, electricians, and house cleaners, just to name a few, […]


eBay’s ‘Interests’ Feature Creates a Perfect Store

Howdy ! There’s no better way of personalising a customer’s shopping experience than by asking them exactly what they want. Ask eBay about it as they’ve done various personalizing tactics to ensure customer satisfaction in their marketplace. In fact, they recently rolled out Interests, a new feature in their mobile app which creates a personal, […]

eBay Marketplace Arbitrage

eBay Fights Marketplace Arbitrage

Howdy ! Marketplace sellers who use arbitrage to earn money effortlessly are starting to lose sales specifically on the eBay platform. Arbitrage is the method of copying listings from another website like Amazon and reposting them to eBay at higher prices. It costs nothing except a software for sourcing products from other marketplaces, plus it […]

The Experts’ Top 10 Ways to Retain Customers

Howdy ! With start-ups springing up by the minute and online giants constantly working on new gimmicks, it’s important that you don’t get left behind in eCommerce. What better way to stay in the lead than to keep your customers loyal to your business? How to achieve that isn’t as difficult as it sounds, so […]

A Marketplace for Warehouse Space

Howdy ! Storage and fulfilment space poses a big problem for many online retailers, especially in the weeks leading up to the holiday season due to the surge in orders. But the search for warehouse space ends here as LogistCompare, a warehouse marketplace platform, launched recently in the United Kingdom to provide storage and fulfilment […]

Pricesearcher Holds eCommerce Networking Event in London

Howdy ! Having a clear understanding of what sells online is as beneficial to your business as having a rich customer database. That will help you sell effectively and meet, if not surpass, your profit margin during and beyond the holiday shopping season. Join Pricesearcher, a free and unbiased product search engine that displays products […]

Facebook Marketplace Taps into More Countries in Europe

Howdy ! Facebook’s eCommerce platform, Marketplace, expands into 17 more countries across Europe, thus making it easier for more local sellers in the region to reach their niche audience within their neighbourhoods. Marketplace rolls out in Austria, Belgium, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, and […]

Are Luxury Brands to be Pushed out from Online Marketplaces?

Howdy ! Could luxury brands on Amazon, eBay and other online marketplaces be facing an uncertain future? German makeup brand Coty leads the fight of luxury brands against online retailers as it filed a case at the European Court of Justice (ECJ) a week ago, prohibiting online retailer Parfumerie Akzente from selling its products on […]