Marketing Tips for Increasing Your Halloween Sales

Marketing Tips for Increasing Your Halloween Sales

Howdy ! It’s that time of year again when everyone’s game for some spooky fun, and all ready to spend for it. Halloween is one of those exciting occasions where you can get creative with your merchandise to draw attention to your online store and increase your sales. According to a new survey conducted by […]

5 Campaign Ideas for Your Holiday Email Marketing

Howdy ! Sending the right message to your email subscribers will ensure a higher open and click rate, which translates into increased online traffic and, of course, revenue. But what exactly should you write in your next email? There are a lot of ideas that you can actually incorporate into your email marketing campaign, ranging […]

Let’s Get down to the Mailchimp Crash Course

Howdy ! The long wait is over. We are happy to announce that we have finished working on the Mailchimp Crash Course and are releasing it this week. If you are dipping your toes into email marketing, this course takes you through the basic features and functions of Mailchimp, an easy and affordable tool to […]

A New Marketplace for Biospecimens

Howdy ! Online shopping is not a mere option for many people, but rather a crucial part of their day-to-day lives because of the convenience it offers. Almost everything can be bought on the Internet; besides consumer goods, there is a growing demand for biological specimens too. The most challenging part of a research project […]

Does Your Brand Speak Your Customers’ Language?

Howdy ! How would you sell a tent to a mother, a mountaineer, and a senior citizen? Not only do they have unique needs and wants, but they also search for products on diverse channels.   The budget-conscious mom relies on product reviews on Facebook, a professional mountain climber trusts a site which specializes on […]

3 Ways to Sell to Older Consumers

Howdy ! Could your marketing tactics be turning away an older yet lucrative market? We’re talking about your grandparents if you’re a millennial or your parents if you’re a Gen X’r, who have retired from the workforce and are looking at rewarding themselves with the best things life has to offer. With more disposable income, […]

Amazon Undercuts Walmart by $10

Howdy ! Amazon’s eyes are fixed on Walmart, making sure that the latter doesn’t outplay them, especially in the area of free shipping. One proof of that is Amazon’s two successive reductions of their free shipping thresholds in a span of three months.    In February, the giant online retailer lowered the minimum amount which […]

How Image Optimisation Improves Customer Engagement  

Howdy ! Have you ever been to a boutique which has neither garment racks nor mannequins to display their merchandise on? If there’s such a place, it has probably closed down or gone broke a long time ago. No matter how good their product line is, any store that doesn’t value what their customers see […]