Independent Online Sellers to Enjoy Back-to-School Sales

Howdy ! Online sellers who aren’t selling on the Amazon marketplace are likely to make huge sales this back-to-school season. That’s because parents and college students prefer to shop on the website of an independent retailer for school supplies rather than general products. According to Internet Retailer’s recent survey, 292 out of 1,090 consumers plan […]

What’s Surprising about Amazon’s Q2 Earnings?

Howdy ! Are you surprised of Amazon’s second quarter results and Jeff Bezos’s net worth sliding back down, hence making Bill Gates the world’s richest man once again? If you ask us, these are merely a result of the retail giant’s uninterrupted investment cycle. Amazon can choose to make a profit or an investment; it’s […]

M2E Pro Gets Fiercer at 10

Howdy ! Crack open a bottle of bubbly to celebrate the 10th anniversary of our favourite Magento extension M2E Pro. At the time of writing it has recorded 106,573 downloads on Magento Connect, which just goes to show that online sellers rely heavily on it. Throughout the years, M2E Pro has helped thousands of businesses […]

WANTED: Online Retailer Who Can Ship Within the Day

Howdy ! M-Commerce has changed the shopping behaviour of consumers; store familiarity and loyalty have long been replaced by the need for instant gratification. So, while patience is still considered an important virtue by the many, it is not put into practice in online shopping. Shoppers are constantly on the lookout for retailers who can […]

eCommerce Puts Pressure on Bricks-and-Mortar Retailers  

Howdy ! eCommerce has not stopped people from going to shopping centres, but it has changed the way they make purchase decisions. Unlike in the past when customers would walk into a shop clueless about what to buy, modern shoppers research online before buying.    When an informed customer walks into a shop, they expect […]

Magento 1 is Far from Dead

Howdy ! Online sellers who have built their businesses on Magento’s version 1.X can vouch for the reliability, scalability, and efficiency of this eCommerce platform. After all, they wouldn’t have managed to list products and manage orders as well as payments on their online stores and various marketplaces, such as Amazon and eBay, from a […]

Suspended Amazon Sellers Can Get Coverage

Howdy ! Getting suspended from Amazon, whether for a few weeks or more, could ruin not only your finances but your life.   That especially holds true if you use the Amazon marketplace as your main source of income; you don’t have an eCommerce site, a bricks-and-mortar shop or a regular job. Getting banned means […]

Sell on Amazon Business via M2E Pro

Howdy ! We’ve got news that will surely make those of you who are selling on Amazon with M2E Pro smile from ear to ear. The widely used Magento extension has integrated with Amazon Business, thus allowing sellers of office supplies, laboratory apparatuses and other professional equipment to list their goods on the new business-to-business […]