Magento and Signifyd Tie-up Protects Sellers from Fraud

Howdy ! Fighting off the scheming tactics of fraudsters is increasingly becoming difficult and stressful for online sellers. Aside from lowered sales, increased order cancellations, and large chargebacks, they risk losing their customers’ trust. Fake money orders and fake cheques are just some of the common tools of online swindlers, which have cost eCommerce businesses […]

Does Your Brand Speak Your Customers’ Language?

Howdy ! How would you sell a tent to a mother, a mountaineer, and a senior citizen? Not only do they have unique needs and wants, but they also search for products on diverse channels.   The budget-conscious mom relies on product reviews on Facebook, a professional mountain climber trusts a site which specializes on […]

Amazon Opens New Fulfilment Centre in Bristol

Howdy ! Amazon’s robot army comes to Bristol to be part of their new distribution centre which is set to open next year. Like their 13 fulfilment centres in the UK, the retail giant’s 14th will be equipped with robots to move around towering metal shelves teeming with goods sold by Amazon and third-party sellers. […]

And the Best eCommerce Trends of 2017 are…

Howdy ! Amidst so many opinions and suggestions as to which eCommerce technologies will boost your online sales, only three were actually proven effective. A recent report from Magento and Lab identified voice search, 3D modelling, and chatbots as the most significant eCommerce trends this year. If you’re wondering what they can do for you […]

Magento Connect Bows Out

Howdy ! Say goodbye to Magento Connect, but not to its eCommerce solutions as they will be passed down to Magento’s new extension store like family heirlooms. Your favourite destination for extensions will switch off on the 17th of September and automatically redirect you to the second generation Magento Marketplace, wherein you’ll find all of […]

Amazon Treasure Truck Drives up to More Cities

Howdy ! In the fashion of a modern-day circus caravan, the Amazon Treasure Truck drove up to Los Angeles, Chicago, Houston, Atlanta and Dallas, and delighted residents of these cities. This is the first time that the eCommerce giant’s deals truck was seen outside of its hometown, Seattle, since it launched last year. Aside from […]

Terapeak Forecasts eBay Sales for Shopify Sellers

Howdy ! If you are running a Shopify store and want to sell on to eBay, you’ll surely want to learn about Terapeak’s new tool.    The eCommerce analytics company has rolled out a Sales Predictions tool which allows sellers on the Shopify platform to objectively weigh the pros and cons of listing their products […] Features British Brands on Pop-up Store

Howdy ! Today we bring good news to all of you who are looking at exploring additional revenue streams and expanding their customer base. The demand for your products—that is to say, anything Brit—is very high in China, so much that Chinese eCommerce giant in partnership with the China-Britain Council launched a “Best of […]