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Howdy ,

It’s absolutely crazy to think that UnderstandingE is now two years old already!

Although the site content didn’t go live until the 1st January 2014, myself and Matt were busy planning, building and recording at least 3 months before then.

Since then the site has grown massively in a number of different ways.  The recording quality has got better, some tutorials have been completely re-done to include new material and much much more.

On of the biggest changes has to be the step by step tutorials!

Step By Step Articles

When we first got started the articles that accompanied the video tutorials were basic at best.


The reason for that was simple.

Our focus was on creating fresh video content and the articles never were a priority or worth the time that was needed to do them properly.

The good news is that this has now changed.

For the past few months a member of the UnderstandingE team has been backfilling all of the tutorials that exist currently on the site.

Replacing the basic ‘summary’ style with instead a step by step written tutorial to accompany the step by step video.

So if you found it hard to follow along with the video you now have the option to read the step by step actions which are accompanied with real screenshots of the actions you need to take to follow us along.

Feel free to look back over the past tutorials to see what we have now instead.

Also every new course which gets released from now on will also have the full step by step article to accompany them too so you will have both methods of tutorial at your disposal.

As always we would love to hear what you think of the new step by step articles which now accompany the video tutorials.

As always feel free to comment on the tutorial themselves or leave us a comment underneath this blog.

To your continued success,

Dave & Matt


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  1. peterholthoffman
    peterholthoffman says:

    I think your tutorials are really good — obviously, as I subscribed!

    I’ve been working my through the various courses and sometimes I wonder if I’m on the optimal track. Maybe a roadmap diagram would be helpful to help guide a person into selecting the best set of videos to cover the path from where they are to where they want to be?

    In my own case, the path is: I didn’t have a Magento installation, I do need to bulk import products, I do need a custom theme, I will want to interface with Amazon and eBay *but* later, I do need to interface with a payment processor, and I do need to interface with FedEx/UPS/USPS.

    Another person might need the path: I do have a basic Magento installation, I do need to bulk import products, I don’t need a custom theme, I don’t want to interface with Amazon and eBay, I don’t need to interface with a payment processor, I do need to interface with FedEx/UPS/USPS.

    I know this suggestion is a bit vague but maybe it will spark some ideas? Thanks!!!


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