The Sin of Disappearing on Customers

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Some sins are forgivable, but forgetting a customer ever existed after they’ve placed an order in your online store isn’t one of them.

Failure to send them a post-purchase email is the fastest and easiest way to ruin your chances of creating customer loyalty, not to mention repeat sales.

Narvar and YouGov conducted a survey among 3,000 UK online shoppers, aged 21 to 65 years old, and found that 61% of them expect to receive a follow-up email after making a purchase.

10% of the respondents said it would be so nice to receive a guide which shows the recommended uses of a product they’ve purchased, while a simple thank you would suffice for 20% of them.

However, the number one thing that annoys 25% of the surveyed online shoppers is inadequate information or no feedback on the delivery status of their orders.

The outcome of ghosting

‘Ghosting’ is associated with dating because it’s the act of breaking up with someone by suddenly disappearing on them without a word. But did you know that it regularly crops up in eCommerce conversations too?

When a customer suddenly stops hearing from an online seller after making a purchase, that is a clear sign that they’ve been ghosted.

We have explained earlier the effect of ghosting on customers, so now let’s look at how it can damage your business.

The report of Narvar and YouGov revealed that 65% of shoppers swore they will never buy from a retailer again if they failed to send them post-purchase emails.

What’s more, it estimated the cost of acquiring new customers to be five times more than retaining an existing one.

A retailer that practices ghosting will eventually fall flat on their face one day and have difficulty recovering.

To keep that from happening to you and your online business, heed the advice of Narva CEO Amit Sharma:

“These findings really highlight that the eCommerce journey does not just stop when a customer clicks the buy button. Retailers who fail to appreciate the importance of the post-purchase experience are missing out on really developing a loyal customer base and the financial benefits that go along with that.”

Email marketing is not only an instrument for lead generation but also a great retention tool, so find the time to send something to your customers which will give them value.

Have you ever ghosted anyone online? We hope not, but if so, how did it affect your business?

Share your story with us in the comments below.

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