ShipTheory Fills You in on Smart Shipping

ShipTheory Fills You in on Smart Shipping

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What’s the point of selling sought-after products online if you can’t get them to your customers on time?

Having an effective logistics process in place should be the goal of every eCommerce business, especially nowadays as the competition gets tougher by the day.

And when we say effective, we’re not just talking about fast delivery; your customers want to receive their package in perfect condition too.

A lot of factors need to be considered when planning good logistics, such as the best courier service to avail.

In this week’s webinar on eSellerCafe, we explain how smart shipping can improve your online business, not to mention eBay and Amazon standing.

In this eSellerCafe webinar we are joined by ShipTheory Co-Founder Mark Mikkelson, to share his insights on good shipping and its impact on businesses.

Mark touches on basic packaging requirements, using automation in warehousing processes, and pitting courier companies against each other to get the best deal for your business and customers.

After our extensive talk, we’re holding a live Q&A with Mark on Wednesday so that you can ask anything regarding the logistics of your business to help you overcome any obstacles you may have.

You can join the live Q&A tomorrow, Wednesday 16th May at 3:30pm BST here

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