Setting WidgetChimp into Play amidst eBay’s Active Content Policy

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In our special live webinar yesterday, we touched on eBay’s new policy on active content which has been worrying many sellers ever since it was announced last year.  

We talked about why eBay came up with such decision, how it’s going to affect your business and how WidgetChimp will figure on this yet another change to the big marketplace’s listing structure.


Active Content may be off, but WidgetChimp is on

Most, if not all, current listings on eBay have active content—scrolling galleries for items to cross-sell, streaming videos, animated images, etc.—which promotes interactivity.

However, in the spring of last year, eBay announced that they’re going to remove or block active content in all listings across all devices starting June this year.

They said active content, such as JavaScript, slows down the loading time of listing pages and comes with security issues.

eBay’s decision to ban active content is something which third-party sellers on their marketplace have to accept with a heavy heart.

And we know that for a fact as we’ve been frequently asked by WidgetChimp users what happens to their responsive eBay listing templates when the eCommerce company start implementing their new policy on active content.

Since WidgetChimp is created with JavaScript, we had to rework it to ensure that it complies with eBay’s new policy on active content.

One month before Christmas, we clued you in on the progress that we’ve made in the new WidgetChimp so that you can put your mind to rest, knowing that this tool will continue to work in your favour.

If you didn’t catch this webinar live, where we also shared the latest on WidgetChimp, you may click on the replay link below and have a watch.


Happy viewing!

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