Sellers to Say Goodbye to Turbo Lister

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Long-time sellers on eBay are not happy with the marketplace’s Seller Hub, as it will make obsolete the tools which they are currently using to manage their business.

Among the tools that eBay is going to take away starting June 2017 is the Turbo Lister, hence the reason many sellers are frantic with worry.

Seasoned sellers on eBay feel that eliminating this tool is going to jeopardise their business in spite of eBay’s assurance that Seller Hub comes with a better listing tool.

In an open letter to eBay CEO Devin Wenig, a seller by the name of Qualitypaper wrote:

“These listings took a long time for me to create in Turbo Lister and their continued availability is important to me and my business model. eBay’s planned migration to Seller Hub with its elimination of Turbo Lister’s functionality as of June 2017 undermines my work and continued operations.”08

Qualitypaper is also worried of the possibility of losing 8,946 listings if eBay discontinues support of Turbo Lister in summer next year.


Early Qualms of Sellers

We’ve not stepped into the new year yet, but according to sellers on eBay, they are already experiencing difficulty in downloading Turbo Lister.

In eBay’s community chat dated Nov. 2, one of its chat moderators explained that they’ve “removed the link to minimise the number of new sellers who begin using the tool, but if existing users have an issue that requires reinstallation just visit for a download link”.

While Turbo Lister has helped many sellers on eBay over the years, its imminent end gives their businesses an air of uncertainty at this point in time.

eBay Promises Better Business with Seller Hub

It’s high time you change the way you manage your business.

That was eBay’s message to UK sellers when they launched the Seller Hub here last month.

A collection of tools designed to simplify selling on eBay, Seller Hub includes an advanced listing tool that makes listing products to eBay faster and easier.

Aside from that, it also gives sellers the ability to monitor the performance of their products, page views and conversion rates, among others, from a single page.

Even though many sellers are hoping eBay would reconsider Turbo Lister, the company said its decision to discontinue its existing tools is part of its goal to ensure the success of every business on its marketplace platforms.  

Selling on eBay yourself, are you ready to let go of the tools that you’re currently using in your business and embrace Seller Hub?

Your opinion matters to us, feel free to share it in the comments.

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