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Good news for all you Instagrammers! The recent launch of Instagram Shopping in the UK makes it possible for you to sell products through your posts.

When we first mentioned that Instagram will dip their toes in eCommerce, we did share the idea which they were working on: users who sell online can tag up to five items in their post which their followers can browse and eventually buy.

That concept has now come to fruition five months after it rolled out in the US.

A beta test of the Shopping programme was done with big retailers Marks & Spencer, Heidi Klein and Mahabis, who all gave it a positive reception.

Erin Roy, head of media and digital marketing at M&S, saw Instagram’s new sales channel as an opportunity to “realise the huge potential of our 760,000 followers.”

She added, “Instagram has always been a great platform through which to showcase our products and engage with customers.

“Shoppable posts take this to a whole new level. They are simple to create, easy for our customers to use and enhance the Instagram experience.”      

Getting started with Instagram

Instagram offers their shopping feature free of charge.

Yes, you read that right. You can use the platform for free, to take your products closer to potential customers and eventually increase your sales.

To activate it, set up a business profile on Instagram and then link it to your product catalogue on Facebook.

See to it that the items you tag in your shoppable images are available in your Facebook catalogue.

All shoppable images on Instagram are marked with a shopping bag icon, which when clicked displays the names and prices of the tagged items.

When a customer clicks on a product tag, they will see the item’s full description and a Shop Now button that will lead them to the corresponding product page on your website.

From there they can purchase the item and you successfully close a sale.

With more than 500 million daily active users, Instagram is sure to increase your profit margin in no time.

So get your captivating product images uploaded now and do come back to let us know how it turns out.

As always, to your continued success,

Dave & Matt


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