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We’ve got news that will surely make those of you who are selling on Amazon with M2E Pro smile from ear to ear.

The widely used Magento extension has integrated with Amazon Business, thus allowing sellers of office supplies, laboratory apparatuses and other professional equipment to list their goods on the new business-to-business (B2B) marketplace straight off from their Magento system.

The integration of M2E Pro with Amazon Business, which launched in the UK last month, opens up a new revenue stream opportunity for online sellers like you.

Now, you have the option to expand your merchandise on Amazon and increase your revenue.

If you’re selling fashion accessories, for example, but thinking of offering another product line—say, printing supplies—listing items on Amazon’s B2B marketplace through M2E Pro requires little to no effort.


The benefits of selling on Amazon Business via M2E Pro

Amazon’s B2B platform gives sellers more leeway when it comes to offering exclusive pricing and discounts to business customers who purchase their goods in larger quantities.

Aside from that, sellers have the prerogative to make their products available only to B2B customers.

And that’s not all as they too have the option to separate the prices and VAT of their listed items.

However, manually setting up these options on the Amazon Business marketplace is a long, tedious process, whereas in M2E Pro it’ll only take a couple of clicks.

M2E Pro saves you time in listing items, customising prices and managing orders as well as payments on Amazon Business.

As to order fulfilment, we suggest that you take advantage of Amazon’s Pan-European FBA service.

Not only will they pick, pack and ship your products to your customers, they’ll also help you reach a wider audience locally and globally.

Whether you’re a new seller of business products or a seasoned entrepreneur on Amazon who wants to expand to the B2B industry, you’ll definitely want to give Amazon Business a shot.

To start selling on this marketplace via M2E Pro, register here.


As always, to your continued success,

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