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The Responsive eBay Listing Template Builder in 12 Minutes

Howdy ,

Last Friday we held our biggest webinar to date, if you joined, thank you for sharing an hour of your Friday afternoon with us.

Here are a few of the comments that were left during the Webinar:

  • “just fell of my chair and spat my coffee out!”
  • “WOW!!!!”
  • “All I can say is WOW!”
  • “Matt this is insanely awesome!!!”
  • “Is this what happens when you give Matt coffee????? GIVE HIM MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

We were at the limit of our GoToWebinar account for this webinar ( that’s a good problem to have! ) and I know some of you couldn’t connect to the Webinar on Friday, hence this shorter version especially for you.

So What is All the Fuss About?

If you missed the Webinar, instead of posting the entire Webinar we’ve made a short introduction on how to can build your own fully Responsive eBay listing template and how to use this with Magento & M2EPro.

Click play on the video below and you’ll see why everyone was raving about this.

But just before you do, there is no fancy editing in this video, the changes that we make to the layout & colour scheme to the template are updated immediately.

Fully Responsive Listing Templates

Responsive eBay Listing TemplatesAs you’ll have just seen you can build your own fully customised Responsive eBay listing template.

A listing template that puts you firmly back in control.

Want to change the colour scheme for Halloween or Christmas?

Not a problem, change your layout, widgets and colour scheme, press save and then press apply settings.

All of your listings that are using the template are instantly updated and look great on desktops, tablets & on mobile phones.

Welcome to 2014 :)


During the live webinar we had to be reminded to mention the pricing.

This may sound odd, but when you think about it, myself & Dave are not salespeople.

We believe in “No Brainer” value for money.

So if you’re an UnderstandingE Premium member, you get access to the Elite package worth £28.99 per month as part of Premium.

If you don’t want access to +200 step-by-step video tutorials on Magento (see the course list here), you can subscribe to WidgetChimp directly and packages start from £9.99 per month and there are discounts available for longer periods of time.

You can view the pricing page over on WidgetChimp here.

Your Questions Answered

Understandably those who attended were rather excited by this and we had hundreds of questions come in during the webinar.

There were a lot of similar questions and I’ve answered them all below:

Matt – i want to sign up NOW – should i subscribe on Widget Chimp or understandinge ?

You can choose either depending upon your requirements. See above for the links for UnderstandingE premium & WidgetChimp.

Matt, does this come included with a professional subscription to understandinge or is a seperate cost

If you’re a Premium member, you get this as part of UnderstandingE and are given, free of charge an Elite WidgetChimp package.

Will this work for my magento website?

No, this is just for eBay listings. However if you’ve been following us along with the “Design a Responsive Magento Website for $99” course, you can make your eBay listing templates look very similar.

How long until we can import tables into the description area that will auto adjust please   is there a tutorial for just using ebay selling   and finally  do you have  Comic Sans MS in the fonts   many thanks?

You can add tables to your descriptions right now. Also over the weekend I added in the Comic Sans MS font face for you to the available fonts list, which now makes 27 font faces to choose from for both headings and your main text areas.

I use a lot of pictures in my description… is there a way to have these say in a long images box which will show the full length of the description say on its right hand side?

You would add these to your description area in your final listing template.

How many feedbacks can we show please?

Up to 10 can be shown.

What does 24 profiles per widget mean please?

That’s applicable to the standalone Widgets (say the related items, reviews or Delivery ETA widget), with the Responsive listing template builder you can create up to 100 Responsive listing templates per eBay account.

Hi Matt, the listing page, the top half is coming out from ebay, only the bottom half comes from your template. So, the top half from Ebay is already responsive?

That’s right, if you’re viewing your listing on a desktop, eBay “Frame” the page and that has a minimum width applied to it. However try a listing on a mobile phone, tablet or in the eBay apps and you’ll see it adapt to the screen size automagically.

Mat your a genius, can’t wait to get properly flying with everything. Do you plan to make a ebay store designer?

Yes, but not until the new year.

Will I be able to import title and descriptions using M2e Pro?

Yes, see the video overview above

Can I  replace my current m2e custom code with this code and revise all my current listings and will ebay store categories be updates as I ad new ones?

Yes and yes. Your eBay store categories are updated overnight automatically.

Youtube video widget coming? or just paste into description?

This will be added in a later release, along with the full 24 widgets and the others that I’ve not publicised just yet.

Can i ask a devils advocate question, i know other might be thinking it?
It is without argument FANTASTIC piece of work Matt well done.
I love what you have done, But i see this model is as i like to call for it “cash for life” just like Adobe did. This is the new model for most online services so i can see why you made it in WidgetChimp If at any time you stop you subscription do you lose all your listings?
I guess what i am asking are we tied into Widgetchimp for life to use this templates? Or do we keep what we have but not able to add other products?

Yes you will need an active subscription for listing templates to kept up to date and for the ability to revise them immediately.

If you any reason you’re not 100% happy with WidgetChimp (or UnderstandingE for that matter), let us know and we would be happy to refund your last months payment, no questions asked.

We both need happy customers and we don’t argue over refunds.

If you were to end the subscription, then WidgetChimp plays fair, any title, descriptions or images that are entered are set to show. After all that’s the right thing to do.

Would love to have you create a simple listing tool that would eliminate the need for me to enter my descriptions and title into the “code” section when listing.  I have not been able to successfully create a listing with the SYI form or Inkfrog.  Any inexpensive recommendations?

I only saw this question this morning while writing the replies. I think this is an ace idea and I’ve added it to the development list.

I don’t know when this will be released, however what I can say is that I’ve just sketched out how this would work and it’ll be 100% Matt proof :)

Why is there a lot of space below the listing

As mentioned on the webinar, this is a known and also done on purpose for the time being. In version 1.4.6 this will be corrected.

Does this work with Linnlive?

Yes it does. As it does with all 2nd Generation software tools and if yours isn’t supported, let me know and I’ll see what we can do :)

So understandinge premium users can make us e of this builder at no extra cost?

Yes, you pay nothing more (no brainer value & all that)

Until i get to m2e pro i am still using turbolister – will this work with it?

Yes it will, just set the software provider to none in the eBay listing editor and change your title & description as desired.

How quick should it update a listing. I have changed the header text, saved and updated cache, 2 mins later it hasnt updated yet, am i missing something. Opps i forgot to hit “Apply settings”

You need to press apply latest settings for the template to be updated on the global Content Delivery Network.

Also your web browser has been told the cache the template (to make it faster), so if you’re using Chrome or FireFox, press SHIFT and Refresh. If you’re using Internet Explorer, press CTRL and Refresh to see the latest changes.

Just a qiuick one does “preview” work?

As of version 1.4.5 you can now see your changes live in the eBay template editor and the preview gives a much better representation of the final listing template.

What happens if widget chimp crashes?

Let’s consider worst case scenario here.

WidgetChimp is backed up & encrypted twice per day to two remote locations on different continents. If it suffered a catastrophic failure of say the load balancer died, because your templates are on a global Content Delivery Network, the cache period would be forced for longer & stale content can be served, giving a minimum window of 24 hours to rectify any issues.

Hello guys!  /waving from Australia :)

*waves* back :)

I will be updating the ‘custom alert’ widget regularly (weekly) – how reliable is it that this box will update whenever I change it?  (sorry.. this really does feel like a daft question!)  

Just remember to press the Apply Latest Changes button and it’ll update ALL of your listings that are using this template

If we update all our listings with this version template .. when you upgrade to the next one will the listing be automatically updated to the new versions or will have to manually go in and change the code do you think?

If there was a code update required, then yes you would need to revise your listings. The same applies if you change your listing title, description or images.

If you have eBay’s listing frame in your listings .. does it interfere with the widgetchimp template?   

Yes, there is no need for the eBay listing frame, you can use the Store Categories widget instead and place this wherever you want it to appear in your listing template.

Have a Question?

If your question wasn’t covered in the list above, don’t hesitate to contact WidgetChimp support at the top or bottom of your account, or if a general question in the comments box below.

Thank You

And finally thank you.

If you were able to join us on Friday live, thank you for spending an hour with us.

If you weren’t able to make it live, the video overview at the top of this post will bring you up to speed and also your business up to 2014 from the dark ages :)

Matt & Dave

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