Recording: Webinar Replays from 7th June to 2nd August


Our Mastermind webinars these past couple of months have focused on topics that aim to help you improve your Magento website and other areas of your ecommerce business.

Most of our webinars from the 7th of June until the 2nd of August offered practical tips on how you can run your business more effectively from your website to other areas too.

If you missed any of them, you’re in luck as we provide a list of those recordings below.

As a premium UnderstandingE member, you have instant access to these webinar replays.

So, click on the appropriate link and have fun watching.

A first-hand look at A/B Testing – 7th June


In this webinar we explain the significance of A/B testing your Magento website to your conversion rate.

This split test basically helps you find out which variation works best for your website and business.

According to Matt, you can A/B test the following:

  • Button Colours which are anything a customer can click on
  • Page Copy which is any text, images or videos on your site
  • Page layouts which refer to how the elements are arranged on a page

Once you’re finished A/B testing your website, the result is going to tell you which variation helps you make more money and which ones don’t.

If you weren’t able to catch this webinar when it went live, click on the replay link below to watch it.


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Matt & Dave.

Setting up M2E Pro for Global Shipping Programme – 14th June


The main focus of this webinar is on the Global Shipping Programme in M2E Pro, which allows you to ship internationally using eBay.

Before we got on to that topic, though, myself and Matt took our time in addressing the different queries of our participants.

The engaging Q&A led to diverse topics ranging from the marketplaces we are interested in to the best way you could get eBay customers to subscribe to your mailing list.

It really turned out to be one of those interesting webinars.

If you missed it, you may click on the link below to see the replay.

Product Research with Matt & Dave – 21st June


This webinar gives you a refreshing insight into competition.

Here we explain how selling products that dominate not only the marketplaces, but the Internet per se, gives you immunity to changes happening in the outside world.

Regardless of what you’re selling, it’s important that you present it in a manner which would make customers want to get their hands on it.

We point out the importance of using high-quality images in showing the details of your product.

Also, we emphasise how item specifics increase the chances of your product getting sold.

Aside from that we show you how to write a good product description and where to position related items on your product page.

We hope you didn’t miss this webinar, but if you did, you may click on the replay link below to see it.

Revisiting Facebook Comments on Website Product Pages – 28th June


One of our premium courses titled Designing a Responsive Magento Website for $99 showed you how to add a custom tab for Facebook Comments on the product page of your Magento website.

Many liked this feature, but the downside was that it kept you from seeing which page a customer had left a comment on, so you couldn’t reply to them.

In this webinar, Matt shows you how to moderate your Facebook comments using an extension.

If you missed this webinar, or perhaps you want to see it again, click on the replay link below.

How to Promote Your eBay Listings – 5th July



If you’re selling on eBay, getting your listings noticed is tantamount to making a sale.

So how do you actually get them noticed?

In this webinar we show you the best way of doing it, focusing on the crucial points in your listing —title, primary image, item specifics, etc. — as these immediately attract customers’ attention.

We also show you how to promote your listings off eBay, which means directing customers to your website instead of eBay, to increase your marginal profit.

To see the replay of this webinar, click on the link below.

How to Customise the PayPal Cart with Your Own Logo – 12th July


In this webinar we show you how to customise the PayPal payment page in the checkout area of your Magento website.

However, there’s no better way of explaining the proper way of doing it than by showing you how not to do it.

Here we put emphasis on the importance of adding your company logo to the PayPal payment page on your website.

Note that even if you’re a legit company, you may not appear as one without your logo on the PayPal page.

If anything, this could lead to a customer’s distrust of your website.

If you missed this webinar when it went live, click on the replay link below to watch it.

Upcoming Changes to UnderstandingE – 19th July


You have seen how UnderstandingE has grown from a start-up to an established business.

You have seen the extent of services it has provided — from creating 400+ easy-to-follow video tutorials to resolving a wide range of issues on the forum boards.

Being at the wheel of UnderstandingE, myself and Matt have decided to change certain things on the site which are going to benefit our users as well as our business.

In this webinar, we explain the changes to the UnderstandingE site and the reason behind them.

If you weren’t able to join us in this one, feel free to click on the replay link below.

Outlining the Outsourcing Course – 26th July


In this webinar we let you into a process that we personally follow when hiring our outsourced team members.

Perhaps you’ve been managing your business pretty fine on your own, and never felt the need to hire an assistant up until now.

However, you’re not sure how and where to hire the right person who is equipped with the skill set which the job in hand requires.

If you missed this webinar and weren’t able to jot down the benefits of outsourcing, you may access the replay link below to watch it.

5 Fruits – 2nd August


Matt goes solo and gets free rein to choose which topics to discuss in this webinar, as I (Dave) was on holiday.

As it goes, he decides to share five ways you can achieve your goals as an entrepreneur.

These tips, in all honesty, are based on personal experience as starting UnderstandingE and keeping it afloat is no joke.

If the daily grind of running your business is starting to get to you, watching this webinar is going to give you a new perspective.

Click on the replay link below and gather this webinar’s fruits of inspiration.


As always at the end of our Mastermind webinars we open the discussion up to questions where you are able to get immediate answers as well as find out about the latest news in ecommerce and regarding UnderstandingE.

Which is why if you can make it, it’s always best joining us live on Tuesday at 3:00pm GMT.

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Happy watching,

Dave & Matt

Founders of UnderstandingE

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