Recording: Webinar Replays from 12th April to 31st May


In the past weeks, or more roughly a month and a half ago, we have touched on a lot of interesting topics in our Mastermind webinars.

If you missed any of them, or would like to watch them again, we have laid them out below for you to see and enjoy.

Premium members can access these recordings by simply clicking on the replay links.

Profit Easy with Jim from Moogento – 12th April


In this webinar, myself and Matt are joined by Jim who owns the company called Moogento.

Moogento is responsible for creating a variety of Magento extensions, and one of which is called Profit Easy.

Jim explains the reasons that led him to create this extension, and how it has helped his business.

Perhaps, you would agree that one of the challenges you face in your business would be the ability to identify which orders are raking in more money for you and which ones aren’t.

So in this webinar we focus on the following:

  • The key features of Profit Easy
  • How to use it to identify positive and negative orders
  • How to set the extension rules

If you want to re-watch this fantastic webinar, check out the video below:


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Matt & Dave.

Website Workshop – 19th April


In this webinar we take you through the important things that you must consider for your Magento website in order to make it work properly.

However, this is not a one-size-fits-all approach as each website has its own unique features.

What we’re going to do instead is show you how to feel and look at your site by asking you to ask yourself these crucial questions:

  • Does everything on your website feel right?
  • Does the colour scheme follow suit on all pages?
  • Is the primary call to action button obvious?
  • Are the standard payment options available?
  • Does everything work as expected?
  • Is there any social proof (FB, Twitter, reviews, etc.)?
  • Does it have sanity / vanity pages (shipping, returns, contact us, etc.)?

We are also going to show you the key pages on your website, starting off with the product page not the homepage.

The reason for that is that the vast majority of your customers are more interested in the products on your website rather than its actual homepage.

See the replay of this webinar below to find out which areas of your website need to be polished up, as what we cover in this webinar can be applied to your website too:

Your Favourite Extensions – 26th April


As you know by now, Magento Connect has thousands of extensions that you can use on your website to further improve its performance.

We have our personal favourites, which might not necessarily be your preferences, as we’re pretty sure you have your own list of favourite extensions.

In this fun webinar, Chris Astley joins me and Matt as we talk about everybody’s favourite Magento extensions, their features and how they make it so much easier for us to run our businesses on a day-to-day basis.

On the back of this webinar, we have started compiling a course featuring these extensions to give you a better insight in to what they actually do.

If you haven’t seen this webinar, or it’s just too cool you want to rewatch it, then click on the video below:

Easy Coupon with Jim from Moogento – 3rd May


Initially, this Mastermind webinar was supposed to be about how to choose a courier, but Matt thought it would be best to switch to the topic of Easy Coupon.

Aside from being easier to cover—and you know how much we love anything that’s uncomplicated— Easy Coupon is an interesting extension from the company called Moogento.

Joining us in this webinar is Jim, the creator and evangelist of  Moogento and all the extensions it churns out.

He shows us the key features of the Easy Coupon extension, what makes it different from standard coupons that are available in Magento, and why you would want to add it to your Magento store.

Click the video below to see the replay of our webinar on Easy Coupon.

Why Magento 2 isn’t Ready – 10th May


It’s human nature for practically everyone among us to choose a new item—whether it’s a pair of shoes or a gadget—over an old one, but not when it comes to Magento 2.

We recorded this webinar soon after publishing a blog post that delves into the 3 reasons you shouldn’t update to Magento 2.

The reason being is that we can’t stress enough that switching to the new Magento platform isn’t a good move for your business at this point in time.

If you seriously want to switch, and nothing can change your mind, wait at least until the last quarter of 2016 before doing so.

If you missed our webinar on this topic, we suggest you click on the video below to get yourself up to speed and save yourself a rough time trying to get Magento 2 to work for your multi-channel business.

An Introduction to Affiliate Marketing – 17th May


In this webinar we talk about affiliate marketing and affiliates, and how useful they can be for your business.

Matt differentiates affiliate marketing from affiliates; the first is a type of marketing while the second is a type of publisher that promotes your products on their site.

Rather than spend a chunk of money on expensive advertisements to promote the items that you’re selling on your website, find out how you can use affiliate marketing and affiliates to increase your sales.

Click on the video below to see the replay of our webinar on this topic of Affiliates:

Introducing Jungle Scout – Amazon Product Research – 24th May


This is probably one of the coolest Mastermind webinars that we’ve ever had. Greg, the creator of Jungle Scout—a software for sourcing products on Amazon—joins me and Matt in this webinar to talk about his fantastic creation.

Greg tells us what got him to start selling on Amazon, and how Jungle Scout had helped him resolve issues on product sourcing.

If you’re new to Amazon, or you’re having a hard time looking for the right products to sell, Jungle Scout is a tool that you would definitely want to consider.

In this webinar, Greg shows you the different Jungle Scout products, the features of each and how you can use them on Amazon.

Did you miss this engaging webinar? Then you definitely want to hit the play button on the video below!

The UnderstandingE Workshop – 31st May


Holding a workshop on the UnderstandingE website will help us improve it for everyone who’s using it.

And that’s exactly what led me and Matt to come up with a rare Mastermind webinar such as this one.

Here we show you the UE site’s dashboard, courses and forums pages, call-to-action buttons and colour scheme, among others.

We also invited the webinar’s attendees to tell us what they think should be changed or added to the site to make it look better.

It’s not every day that our website gets to be evaluated by its users, so this webinar came at an opportune time.

If you weren’t able to catch it when it live, you can find out what was said in the video below:


As always at the end of our Mastermind webinars we open the discussion up to questions where you are able to get immediate answers as well as find out about the latest news in ecommerce and regarding UnderstandingE.

Which is why if you can make it, it’s always best joining us live on Tuesday at 3:00pm GMT. You can reserve your seat by clicking the button below:

If you have any questions about what we cover in the recording, then don’t hesitate to let us know in the comments box below.

Happy watching,

Dave & Matt
Founders of UnderstandingE

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