Recording: Outsourcing the Smart Way (Premium)

Recording: Outsourcing the Smart Way (Premium)


On the 3rd of March myself & Dave covered the topic of Outsourcing the Smart Way in our Mastermind webinar.

If you missed this webinar, and you’re a Premium member then you can watch the recording via the video below.


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Matt & Dave.

Your Frustration

If you’ve had any success in your business, then you know that you have to wear many different hats. Probably most of the time during the day.

Such hats could be:

  • Running customer support
  • Being an accountant
  • Listing products to eBay
  • An image editor & photographer
  • A warehouseman to despatch the orders
  • Content writer
  • A business director
  • And the chief coffee maker

You can insert your own endless list of tasks that interfere with you working on your business, rather than in it.

The Solution

The first challenge here is actually owning up and understanding you could do with some help with your business.

This idea of letting go might seem scary to begin with, I know it was for me. I thought I could do everything. The reality is quite different though. I can’t do everything.

And the moment I realised that, everything suddenly got easier, because I was then able to look for help and the solution here is to get people to wear some of these hats for you.  It’s ok not to be a superhero!

The first part to solving the never-ending tasks was to work out which ones were taking up the most amount of time and were job roles that can be passed on to someone else.

As you’re reading this I’m assuming that you sell on eBay, Amazon, Magento or any combination of these three, plus knowing what most entrepreneurs are like, you probably have phone sales and another sales channel or two in progress.

With that assumption made, the most obvious task to consider is for customer support.

When you sell on multiple sales channels it doesn’t take long for the questions to start mounting up from various sources and minutes can quickly turn into hours of your time.

As you will find out in the recording above there are numerous ways in which outsourced staff can help you however for most we know the customer support is often the most valuable.

So in the above recording we cover with you:

  • Introducing the solution of Outsourcing
  • What makes us able to talk about this?
  • The basics of Outsourcing
  • What is a good task to be outsourced?
  • What is a bad task to be outsourced?
  • A nod to 2nd Office
  • How to hire for a role and not ‘Fight Fires’
  • The importance of sharing your knowledge and training staff
  • A case Study from WidgetChimp
  • Tools that will help

Links to Tools we Recommend

In the recording above we mention a number of tools that we use on a daily basis when it comes to working with our outsourced members of staff.

Of course there are many different types of software and services out there which you may find useful, but to keep the list concise we are just sharing the ones that we use personally.

Dropbox – (Great for sharing folders or documents)

Skype – (VOIP communications)

Basecamp – (Great task managment / planning software)

Google Docs – (Really useful for multiple users to be working on the same document/spreadsheet)

Jing – (A free software for recording quick (up to 5 minute) videos, perfect for tutorials)

Last Pass – (A password software allowing outsourced members of staff to access password protected areas


As always at the end of our Mastermind webinars we open the discussion up to questions where you are able to get immediate answers as well as find out about the latest news in ecommerce and regarding UnderstandingE

Which is why if you can make it, it’s always best joining us live on Tuesday at 3:00pm GMT.  You can reserve your seat by clicking the button below:

If you have any questions about what we cover in the recording, then don’t hesitate to let us know in the comments box below.

Happy watching,

Matt & Dave

Founders of UnderstandingE




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