How to put a MailChimp Signup on your Magento Website – Webinar Replay

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On our UnderstandingE Mastermind on the 20th September we talked about MailChimp and how to set up an email sign up for your website.

In this Mastermind webinar we discussed how a MailChimp signup form can be a great communication tool between the seller and the customers.  It is never too late to start collecting email addresses!


MailChimp Forms

We started off the webinar in the usual way discussing some news and also a rundown of what’s new on the UnderstandingE blog. You can check out what’s new here

Also, we shared with you a new project we are working on, which is about creating software products, and this time Matt is teaching me the process he has followed before, so hopefully we will have some new exciting software tools ready for you shortly.

We also talked about YouTube and how having a YouTube channel could help your eCommerce business and drive customer views towards it.  

Over the next following weeks we are holding a mini series on YouTube and video creation in general which you won’t want to miss!

If you haven’t already you can sign up for our free webinars here:

Email marketing is a huge area for any eCommerce business.

So in this webinar, we focused on MailChimp signup forms and integration into Magento,

Rather than try to explain it, we think the video does much better justice to the topic so if you missed it live or want to recap you can watch the replay below. (If you are a Premium member that is)

With that said, to your continued success as always!

Dave & Matt


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