Product Research Webinar Round 2

Product Research Webinar Round 2 Today!

Howdy ,

A few weeks ago we held our Mastermind webinar as normal and covered the topic of Product Research.

We had no idea what would happen, but what did was so good, it managed to get Matt excited about Gold Tea Lights.

We did a live demonstration of how you can use different tools to do product research for products you want to sell on eBay.

The suggestion came in for Gold Tea lights from the chat and what we found that there was incredible scope for money to be made in this niche of niche category.


The feedback we had was incredible and last week we decided that this week we would do it again.

So if you missed out on the first Product Research webinar then today is your chance to see first hand how myself and Matt would research a potential new product range on eBay and see if there was opportunity in the market.

We promise to avoid the obvious and try to pick an obscure item to see what we can find so get thinking of any suggestions as all this will happen live and in real time.

If you want to join us and haven’t registered already then you can do so by clicking the button below:

The webinar will start at 3pm this afternoon and the time conversions for wherever you are in the world are:

Europe: 4PM (varies a bit though!)

Eastern US: 10:00 EDT

Western US: 07:00 PDT

Australia: 00:00 AEST

So with that said we look forward to seeing you there!

Matt & Dave

Co-Founders of UnderstandingE

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