Prepare for Holiday Returns with Royal Mail’s ‘Labels to Go’

Prepare for Holiday Returns with Royal Mail’s ‘Labels to Go’

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Unless your customers can return items to your online store quickly and easily, you’re not ready for the Christmas rush just yet.

Returns are an integral part of an eCommerce business, so as a seller you must be able to handle them with ease.

Of course we’re not saying that you shouldn’t do anything about it at all; review your return policies, tweak them if need be, and note down the reason why your customers return stuff to your store.   

But at the end of the day, online shoppers will never run out of reasons (whether they’re reasonable or not) to send back an item and ask for a replacement or refund.

When that happens, it’s good to have Royal Mail’s ‘Labels to Go’ to back you up.

Over a week ago, the courier company launched their new service in 11,500 Post Office branches across the UK to speed up the returns process for shoppers.

Forgo the printer for return shipping labels

‘Labels to Go’ allows online shoppers to use their mobile devices to print free return labels at a Post Office branch or at any of Royal Mail’s 1,200 customer service points.

Aside from fast delivery, Royal Mail said it’s important for online retailers to provide shoppers a convenient way to process returns. A spokesperson for the company explained:

“A clear, easy-to-use returns option should be part of a retailer’s range of delivery options. It helps build customer confidence, relationships and sales. Royal Mail’s Delivery Matters 2018 research revealed Royal Mail is the number one preferred and trusted returns provider for online shoppers and we are increasingly trying to offer the most convenient service to our customers.”

To get started with ‘Labels to Go,” a customer has to process the item to be returned on the Royal Mail returns portal, or on the website of the retailer from which they bought it, and then they will receive a confirmation email with a unique QR code.

Next, they have to take their parcel into any Post Office or Royal Mail Customer Service Point and have the QR code on their phone scanned.

Once that’s done, a return shipping label will be printed in just a matter of seconds.

So easy, right?

That’s not all as ‘Labels to Go’ comes with a tracking function called Royal Mail Tracked Returns, allowing shoppers to see the status of the items they’ve returned.

The label printing service can also be used when returning items purchased on Amazon, so long as customers choose the Royal Mail drop-off option.

What do you think of Royal Mail’s new service? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

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