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We aim to bring you interviews with users of the 3rd generation, the software developers behind the tools that make it possible and everyone in between.

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UnderstandingE Meets WebRetailer – Andy Geldman

In this podcast we are joined by Andy from Web Retailer. Here we found out how he got started in Ecommerce as well as him sharing some fantastic insight for sellers throughout the recording.

UnderstandingE Meets The Website Guy – Chris Astley

In this Podcast we are joined by Chris Astley to discuss his entrepreneurial journey of selling online and exploring what he is up to now with ‘The Website Guy’

Building a Business around Family with Tink n Stink

In this podcast we are joined by Maria who shares with us her personal story of how her family circumstances influenced her business idea and shaped it to where it is today

From Dreadlocks to selling over £1 Million Online

In this podcast we are joined by Alex Goodacre from Altered States. You will hear how he transformed a university party scene idea in to a now million pound business

The 3rd Business is a charm, from DJ to Automotive Ecommerce Success

In this podcast we hear from Richard who shares with us his journey to automotive ecommerce success. Hear how he got started and his top advice for others wanting to get started selling online.

Getting Started with 7000 Shirts Online

Getting started with 7000 Shirts for $7000

Hear how Brian went from being made redundant, to working at eBay, to then having 4 pallets arriving on his doorstep and a concerned wife calling him, to where he is today.

The 12 Month Review Podcast

In this self reflective podcast Matt & Dave take a look back at the start and growth of UnderstandingE and what some of the key successes and failures were along with what you can expect from them in 2015

Outsourcing the Easy Way

Introduction to Outsourcing Part 2 – With Carlo from 2nd Office

In this podcast hear from a 2nd Office user and how outsourcing has affected his ecommerce business. Also grab an exclusive offer for 2nd Office for UnderstandingE members