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We aim to bring you interviews with users of the 3rd generation, the software developers behind the tools that make it possible and everyone in between.

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The 2016 Year In Review Podcast

In our final podcast of 2016 Matt & Dave take a look at what happened in 2016 and reviewing some of the successes and annoyances as well as focusing on what the aims are for 2017 onwards.


UnderstandingE Meets John Peden from Cart Recover

In this podcast we speak to John Peden from Cart Recover to discuss what can be done about Cart Abandonment issues for ecommerce businesses.


Part 3 – The UnderstandingE Going East Podcast Series

In this final part of the UnderstandingE going east series we are back home and you get to hear about our final week in Thailand at the entrepreneur conference.


Podcast: Meeting the Co-Founders of 2nd Office

In this podcast Matt & Dave from UnderstandingE take over the 2nd Office headquarters in Manila. Here we interview Paul & Auie and find out everything you want to know about 2nd Office.


Part 2 – The UnderstandingE Going East Podcast Series

In this Podcast myself and Matt are live in the same room for the first time on a Podcast and you will hear all about our journey so far halfway round the world.

The UnderstandingE Going East Podcast Series

Part 1 – The UnderstandingE Going East Podcast Series

Over the next few weeks UnderstandingE are heading east and will be documenting their journey as they go. In this podcast hear what it is they are looking to achieve whilst on the other side of the world.


UnderstandingE Meets WebRetailer – Andy Geldman

In this podcast we are joined by Andy from Web Retailer. Here we found out how he got started in Ecommerce as well as him sharing some fantastic insight for sellers throughout the recording.


UnderstandingE Meets The Website Guy – Chris Astley

In this Podcast we are joined by Chris Astley to discuss his entrepreneurial journey of selling online and exploring what he is up to now with ‘The Website Guy’