Podcast: Meeting the Co-Founders of 2nd Office

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On Friday 9th October we met Auie & Paul, the co-founders of 2nd Office in their offices in the Philippines, in this Podcast you’ll meet them too!

You’ll find out first hand how 2nd Office started from a couple of chairs in a dining room, to where they are today with over a hundred members of staff and an office that works around the clock.

Press play on the Podcast below to listen in right now:

Meeting the Team at 2nd Office

We left the hotel at 09:30 after using Uber, a mobile app to arrange a taxi. This was out first experience outside of the business district called Makati here in the Philippines.

If you think the traffic is bad where you live, then you’ve never experienced what it can be like here, “mental” is an understatement! It took us an hour & half to get through the traffic, for a trip back home which would have only taken 20 minutes.

Before going into the offices we grabbed a coke from a fast food store, Dave asked the girl for a straw and her reply is still perplexing us now “Sorry sir, you can’t have a straw it’s Friday”. Was she serious? Who knows!

*Dave’s Note* – Mystery solved – To reduce the amount of plastic in the environment the Philippine government stopped the distribution of plastic straws on Fridays and Saturdays!

2nd Office’s offices stand out a mile as they have a huge banner above their entrance and on entering it was nice to enter the air-conditioned offices as it was also the first day since being here the sun had come out and we must have been reaching +30C in the sun.

We were shown the board room and a few minutes later were joined by the key members of the 2nd Office team (we pretty much filled that room!).image1 (3)

They were very interested to meet us and myself & Dave gave them the low-down on how UnderstandingE started, how we found 2nd Office. Also we thanked them for helping us locate members of our team and also passed on thanks from many of you first hand who we know that use them for your businesses.

*Dave’s Note* – It was another strange moment for us when we met some of the staff and they knew who we were as so many of them had followed some of our tutorials on our site and were already familiar with our voices.

In the office, it was “Pizza Friday” and boy did they have pizza available. There were something like 20 boxes on the side, actually logically thinking about it, with that many people in the office you would need that many :/

Also, Dave commented that every time he checked out the Facebook page it was someone’s birthday, promptly after that statement we saw cake pass by and happy birthday being sang. A bi-product I guess of that many people being in the same office, a lot of cake!

Husband & Wife Team

Up until now you’ll have most likely on heard from Carlo, say from one of our previous podcasts here https://understandinge.com/introduction-to-outsourcing-part-1/ , https://understandinge.com/introduction-to-outsourcing-part-2/ or the mastermind from the Philippines.

As you’ll hear Paul & Auie are a husband & wife team who manage the day to day operations of the 2nd Office team, oh and Paul is the President too!


I found it curious as Helen my wife works in our team and both of us experience the same issues as both Paul & Auie, most of which due to the inability of some of us (myself & Auie in this case) to switch off at the weekends or during the evening.

So from a husband and wife team 2nd Office has seen incredible growth in just 3 years as you will hear about in the Podcast recording above.

We have also included a few pictures we took from our day with the guys at 2nd Office who we would like to thank again for being so incredibly welcoming and allowing us to pretty much takeover in true Matt & Dave style.

We hope you enjoy the Podcast as much as we did recording it as you will find out we had a lot of fun and laughs whilst recording with Paul & Auie.

As always to your continued success,

Dave, Matt, Paul & Auie



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