Other People Focus on the Trophy, But It’s ALL About the Small Things


Above is the recording from the coffee morning held on the 22nd April.

The topic was all about results.

Why other people focus on the resultsDid Lewis Hamilton just turn up, go for a spin in a fast car and then spray some mates with champagne as he strolled across the line at the end?

Of course he didn’t, he’s been at it since he was 8 years old.

Other people focus upon the result, the trophy.

The trophy could be trophy, it could be a millionaire, it could be someone who is successful or has a bigger business than you.

The thing is we’re different, you’re different.

You know that to get a chance to be holding a trophy (or wad of cash) takes a lot of work and time.

It's all about the partsEach part of your business is no less important that another part of your business.

The same as a brake pad as to a nut as to to the driver. If one of these things fail, it could make the difference between coming first and stoving the car into a wall.

This coffee morning was a little different, it was fast and a little furious at times.

We both sincerely hope it gave you the motivation to make the difference needed on a Tuesday morning after the bank holiday weekend.

Matt & Dave

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