Paypal Achieves 250M Active Users

PayPal Achieves 250M Active Users

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PayPal has successfully added 50 million users to its payments platform in a span of 18 months, growing its total active accounts to 250 million from 200 million back in February 2017.  

That’s a clear indicator of the company’s success, and a gauge of consumer trust.

According to the company, if it were a country, it would be the fifth most populated in the world, ahead of Brazil and next to Indonesia.

However, large numbers aren’t the sole basis for success. It’s every customer’s experience from the company’s unwavering commitment to provide the best digital payments platform that counts.

In a message which he addressed to PayPal employees worldwide, Dan Schulman, president and CEO of PayPal, wrote:

“PayPal is certainly not the first company to strive to be customer-centric, nor will we be the last. But there’s a critical difference: our impact and success as a business is directly proportionate to the engagement and success of our customers. If our customers do well, we do well. If they grow, we grow. We need to always stay relentlessly focused on serving our customers, and if we do so, we can create magic for everyone.”

A platform powered by people

It would be pointless to run a business which can’t earn people’s trust, so the PayPal team considers it as their most valuable asset.

As it continues to take significant steps to address the needs of a wide spectrum of consumers, ranging from small entrepreneurs and non-profit organizations to hard-working parents and self-supporting students, PayPal aims to be the platform which they rely on for borrowing, saving, and sending money.

“Our platform is powered by people. Money is incredibly personal, and the trust that our customers place in us is the most valuable asset in the world. And that’s why being a Customer Champion is a privilege for each of us,” said Schulman.

How would you rate your experience with PayPal? We’d love to hear from you in the comments below.

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