Simple Servers

Simple Servers

Simple Servers are a UK based web hosting company and one that we highly recommend at Understanding E.  All of our video guides and examples have used Simple Servers as the example for hosting and the website you are on now reading this is hosted by Simple Servers.

So it goes without saying Simple Servers are our hosting provider of choice and they have very kindly agreed to run a special promotion for Understanding E users.  This promotion is that no matter which hosting package you sign up for you will get one months hosting for FREE.

That isn’t all, Simple Servers understand where UE are coming from in that we want to encourage your business growth.  Because of that, if you ‘outgrow’ your existing package and decide to pay for a better server they will do the migration for free (Which is the tricky part and usually chargeable)

To redeem the above promotions all you have to do is follow this link here and at checkout put in the promotion code ‘UnderstandingE’

The Customer Experience

Quite simply, Simple Servers provide quality telephone and online technical support for our UK web hosting.  There core values regarding their customers are:

Available. When you call the phone, we answer – with a real person, not a machine.

Knowledgeable. If we cannot answer your question immediately, we will find someone who can.

Experienced. Our web hosting knowledge is first rate, of course. But we also try and understand your challenges, so we can help you better.

The Datacenter

Simple Servers are located in the West Midlands, UK.  They chose their current data-center after careful investigation, as it has proven to be among the most reliable in the UK. The continuous monitoring, upgrading and securing of the servers is performed by the highly qualified team of Simple Servers system administrators.