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Dedicated to providing quality extensions that are easy to use and good value.

We started making extensions to fulfill a need for our own online shopping store – so we are coming from a good position of actually using our extensions every day.


  • Process multiple shipments, including adding tracking numbers, or upload a CSV of the order numbers and tracking numbers
  • Tracking numbers are automatically parsed based on custom filter for the Shipping Company
  • Send customer a message or email – with pre-filled values (eg. Order number, customer name, ordered SKU/Product Name) with one click
  • Optimised to show more orders without scrolling
  • Color-specific rows based on order status : easily focus on the orders you need to see
  • Country-flag column option (filterable) : if you ship internationally this is invaluable
  • Country-grouping option (filterable) : if you ship to areas (eg. Europe, North America) this will narrow down those orders
  • Total weight and order number for specific statuses : if you need a minimum weight to ship, this just made your day
  • Profit column, taking into account the actual entered shipping cost, and subtracting customisable fixed and percentage amounts (eg Paypal fees)
  • And Much More!


If you are processing multiple orders with Magento on a regular basis, you know it is a hassle to pick the products off the warehouse shelves, and organize them into groups for packing.

This module provides 4 extra options to the actions menu in the Sales>Orders page. You will be able to create 3 types of Pick List to facilitate picking and packing, and 2 themed packing sheets, as well as a csv export of selected orders (complete with product attributes – ideal for order fulfillment). All are extremely customisable and were developed in response to a real need which I’m sure you experience as well.

This extension saves hours off every group of orders processed.