Part 3 – The UnderstandingE Going East Podcast Series

Howdy ,

Or สวัสดี as they say in Thailand!

Welcome to the final part, part 3 of the Going East Podcast series where you can keep up to date with the UnderstandingE goings on of two English blokes taking over the Philippines and Thailand.

In this recording myself and Matt are back in the UK after an absolutely crazy week spent in Thailand.  With every intention of recording whilst we were there, we were just so busy as you will find out below.

Podcast Summary

Matt & Dave

  • What the week in Thailand was like
  • Getting lost on our first day in Bangkok…somewhere you wouldn’t want to get lost
  • Our thoughts post trip
  • Being together for 2 weeks longer than ever before in over 2 years
  • Would we go back again next year?
  • The 4 things to come out of the trip
  • Loads of new ideas and how to execute them

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Thoughts on Bangkok

IMG_8846 (1)

Upon returning to the UK I have been asked numerous times “What was it like in Thailand”.  For these people the answer is always disappointing, as truthfully we didn’t get to see much of it at all.

Largely in the hotel either at meetups in the varying seating areas or in the conference rooms.  Occasionally we did wander out to the odd meetup at a different bar.

But still Thailand was AMAZING!  Maybe we didn’t get to see the touristy stuff or experience everything it has to offer, but myself and Matt got everything we could have hoped for and more out of our week in Bangkok.

You will hear about some of the funny moments we had whilst in Bangkok and some of the incredibly cool and inspirational people that we met.

Being surrounded by fellow online entrepreneurs created such an infectious environment that we didn’t want to leave.  As you will hear we brought back a whole range of new ideas for UnderstandingE which we can’t wait to get started on.

So enjoy the final part of our Going East series, myself and Matt found it an incredibly valuable experience and for that we want to Thank You.

We wouldn’t have been able to do this trip without your support and this has enabled us to bring you even more in the future into 2016.

To your continued success.

Dave & Matt

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  1. Annette Winter
    Annette Winter says:

    Thanks for the podcasts, manage to listen every now and then. Love that you are expanding your team which will allow you to develop UE more. Your one on one sessions sound interesting. Would like to know more about that.

  2. Rik
    Rik says:

    “We wouldn’t have been able to do this trip without your support and this has enabled us to bring you even more in the future into 2016.”

    Win-Win I think.


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