Part 2 – The UnderstandingE Going East Podcast Series

Howdy ,

Or Kamusta as they say here in the Philippines!

Welcome to part 2 of the Going East Podcast series where you can keep up to date with the UnderstandingE goings on of two English blokes taking over the Philippines and Thailand.

In this recording you will hear about what our first few days in the Philippines have been like and what we have been up to, as well as our experience on a 13 hour flight and some interesting attempted sleeping positions.

Podcast Summary

  • Our journey to Manila including the 13 hour flight
  • The first impressions of Manila (Traffic!)
  • How the hotel was a little more than we bargained for
  • The culture including the food and the people
  • What it was like getting to meet the staff that we had previously only spoken to online.
  • Promoting staff members internally
  • Recruiting new members to the UnderstandingE family

Welcome to Manila

So here we are, safely in Manila and what a place it is!

This is both mine and Matt’s first time in the far east and we absolutely love it.  The place, the people, the culture cannot be faulted at all.

We both feel incredibly fortunate to be in a position to do what we are doing right now and two years ago never even imagined we would be where we are right now, halfway around the world meeting our existing staff and recruiting more.


As mentioned in the past podcast we were so looking forward to having the opportunity to meet our staff in person, as well as some of the interesting questions that this would bring up too.

Myself and Matt have realised even more than we already knew that we have fantastic UnderstandingE team members whom without UnderstandingE wouldn’t be where it is at today.

So being able to say thank you to them in person was totally worth the trip out here all on its own.

As we mentioned as well, we have also been recruiting more staff whilst we are here too which has gone really well with some fantastic interviews lined up as well.

All in all the trip so far has been amazing and shows no signs of slowing down.

We are just off to see the team at 2nd Office and we will be recording whilst we are there too so expect to hear some new voices in an upcoming podcast and blog post from there too.

So enjoy listening in to our story so far, and we will be sure to share the next part of our journey when we get to Bangkok.

Until next time

Paalam Na

Dave & Matt

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