Outsourcing the Easy Way

Introduction to Outsourcing Part 1 – With Carlo from 2nd Office

Have you considered Outsourcing before or ever wondered how remote members of staff can help you and your business? In this podcast we are joined by Carlo who is the CEO & Co-Founder at 2nd Office.  2nd Office is a specialised eCommerce outsourcing company based in the Philippines and together we take a look into the world of outsourcing […]

How to Schedule Exports from Magento

Automating Exports From Magento for Products & Customers (Premium)

In this blog post we have something a little different than normal. We are going to be showing you how you can automatically export from Magento at set times, and also get the export emailed to you.

The Penny Dropped moment with Fling FTP

Howdy ,

This week myself and Matt recorded a guide on Fling FTP.  Now you may have heard Matt mention this in other guides of meet ups etc but I have personally never used it before this week.

Being the non techie one I didn’t get too excited about this guide as FTP is right on the limit of my understanding and I expected something similar to Filezilla.

Boy was I wrong!

After we recorded the tutorial and we had it installed on our system and I had just seen what the potential that this software had given us, the penny dropped!

The Possibilities

As we mention in the video above the possibilities are impressive and this got me thinking.  How would I use this if I was running my own eCommerce product business.

Firstly, to me this opens the automation for remote staff.  In my business I would keep things as lightweight and streamlined as possible, which almost certainly means utilising outsourced staff.  No Nerd Required

Being able to share with them a folder in my Dropbox account for completed edited images and having them be ‘Flung’ to my Magento just cuts out a whole process, that otherwise would have needed manual intervention.

For anything that cuts outs manual processes is a massive bonus in my book and it was only when I noticed what Fling could actually do that I understood why Matt had been banging on about this for a while. :)

If you haven’t seen the Fling tutorial yet then you can either watch the above video or find it in the supplementary course here: https://understandinge.com/tutorial/ss-0010/


This is one of those tutorials for me that I love.  I have learnt so much on this journey with UnderstandingE and this Fling tutorial is just another example that.

As we have said since day one, we certainly don’t know everything (myself especially, Matt is on a whole other level) but we want to share with you what we can, but it goes to show that both Myself and Matt learn along the way.

What do you make of the Fling tutorial?  Will this make a big impact on your business, or potentially save you some time in more streamlined processes?  Yes or No?  Either way please let me know in the box below, oh and for a bit of fun, what has been your favourite guide so far?

If I don’t see you before, have a fantastic weekend!