Games4Hens Podcast

The Power of Outsourcing Podcast with Games4Hens

Howdy , This is a podcast which we recorded a few months ago with Hannah from Games4Hens. Hannah has been an UnderstandingE member for a long time and followed out Outsourcing course in order to add more people to her business and free up her time as the Entrepreneur to do what she does best. […]

understandinge prime day

UnderstandingE Prime Day 2017 – Save 96%

UnderstandingE are holding their own Prime Day on the 11th July and are offering their premium subscription at a 96% discount for the first month.

The Outsourcing Course is Now Live!

Our brand new outsourcing course is Now Live and in this blog post we introduce the concept of the course to you and share the links where you can get started right away!

Podcast: Meeting the Co-Founders of 2nd Office

In this podcast Matt & Dave from UnderstandingE take over the 2nd Office headquarters in Manila. Here we interview Paul & Auie and find out everything you want to know about 2nd Office.

Mastermind: Outsourcing 101

Recording: Outsourcing 101 (Premium)

In this mastermind recording we are talking about the subject of outsourcing. We cover what it is and what tasks or jobs are suitable to be outsourced and what a huge impact freeing this time up can have on you and your business.

Recording: Outsourcing the Smart Way (Premium)

Recording: Outsourcing the Smart Way (Premium)

In this mastermind recording we talk about how to outsource the smart way, sharing tips that we have learnt along the way of now having more than 7 staff onboard, helping UE grow on a daily basis.

Outsourcing the smart way webinar

Webinar: Outsourcing the Smart Way

Learn the tips & tricks to expediate the learning curve for new outsourced members of staff. In just 60 minutes we’ll take you through the steps you need to know and leverage a real-life example.

Outsourcing the Easy Way

Introduction to Outsourcing Part 2 – With Carlo from 2nd Office

In this podcast hear from a 2nd Office user and how outsourcing has affected his ecommerce business. Also grab an exclusive offer for 2nd Office for UnderstandingE members