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The Power of Outsourcing Podcast with Games4Hens

Howdy ,

This is a podcast which we recorded a few months ago with Hannah from Games4Hens.

Hannah has been an UnderstandingE member for a long time and followed out Outsourcing course in order to add more people to her business and free up her time as the Entrepreneur to do what she does best.

Hear Hannah’s story of hiring and what effect it has had on her business below.

So with that said, listen in to the podcast below:

Podcast Summary

  • Introduction to Hannah
  • The start of Games4Hens
  • How she found UnderstandingE?
  • The Outsourcing Course
  • The trickiest part of hiring an outsourcer
  • What has the biggest difference been in your business
  • What roles does Gene Rose do for the business
  • Would you hire more in the future?
  • One piece of advice for someone listening to this

Buying Time with Outsourcers

Hannah is the perfect example of someone who doesn’t just talk or think but actually takes action.  She tells us how her outsourced team member has played a massive part in the growth of her business.

Hannah is brutally honest and real which fits our style perfectly as you can tell she doesn’t hold back and tells her story exactly how it happened.

The biggest benefit for Hannah has been being able to step away from the day to day jobs that she doesn’t need to be doing and instead focusing on the growth and future development of her business.

As always we ask Hannah to share one piece of advice to someone listening to this podcast.  You can find that piece of advice by tuning in above, there are no spoilers here :)

We hope you listening to this enjoyed it as much as we did recording it.

Leave us a comment below with how Outsourcing has impacted your business.

As always if you have any questions or comments on this recording then feel free to ask them below too.

We look forward to speaking with you soon

Dave & Matt (& of course Hannah)

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