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Our Top 6 Blog posts…so far

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Myself and Matt we’re just talking about the blog and discussing what some of our favourite blog posts that we had written so far were….and decided that in itself would make a good blog post.

So in this summary style Blog post, we have picked our 6 favourite blog posts that we have ever written for the UnderstandingE blog.

This is the perfect post if you have never come to our blog before, or even if you want to just recap on some of our more popular posts.

So with that said, in no particular order here are our Top 6 Blog Posts so far:

#1 – Cross Border Trade in Plain English


Starting off with one one of our favourite topics which is cross border trade.

In true UnderstandingE fashion, this was a blog post which we thought needed a video to do it justice.

Which is why embedded in this blog post is a 35 minute video tutorial to go along with it.

For many Cross Border Trade can seem scary at first but the truth is, it just doesn’t have to be.

We will show you the easiest way to get started with Cross Border Trade and the secret is…’Go English’

To find out more click the button below:

#2 – Content Delivery Network

Global CDN

Next we have the blog post on how to set up a Content Delivery Network (CDN) in Magento.

Now if you don’t know what a CDN is then don’t worry we cover that with you in this blog post.

Just like the CBT one above, we thought this one needed a video too, so this also includes a free 30 minute tutorial for you to follow us along with.

A CDN on your Magento website will make a huge difference to the speed of your site, especially for visitors from other countries.

This hefty speed increase coupled with the low cost makes a CDN in our opinion a no brainer.

Oh and better still, it’s just 3 settings to change in your Magento system, which of course we show you how to change.

To view the CDN post then click the button below:

#3 – The Introduction to Amazon Course

The Ultimate Guide to Selling on Amazon

This was the blog post we wrote when we announced the start of our ‘Ultimate Guide to Amazon’ course.

This is the course which assumes no knowledge of Amazon and introduces you to the marketplace.

In this blog post we introduce you to the course and have the first 2 video tutorials ready for you.

Of course we have since published many others but this was the blog post which first introduced the Amazon marketplace.

To view the Ultimate Guide to Amazon post then click the button below:

#4 – Setting up Magento Swatches

How to Set up Swatches in Magento

This was a blog post we did after we had an Ultimo update which allowed us to use colour swatches for configurable products.

This was an add on to the design course as when we started this functionality wasn’t available.

The swatch tutorial is part of the Premium ‘How to design a responsive Magento website on a budget of $99’ course.

This made the list though as it is super cool functionality and is super easy to get set up in your Magento website.

To view the Magento Swatches post then click the button below:

#5 – The Top 10 Magmi Mistakes

The Top 10 Mistakes Made with Magmi

Since we made the Magmi course it has been one of our consistently highest viewed courses and also one of our most frequent subjects in the forums.

To help address some of the most common mistakes or issues users have with Magmi, Matt created a blog post dedicated to the top 10 most common mistakes with Magmi.

As you would expect there is a video to accompany the blog post and this has turned out to be a great first stop for anyone experiencing problems with their Magmi imports.

To view the Magmi Mistakes post the click the button below:

#6 – The Outsourcing Podcasts

Outsourcing the Easy Way

Our final section of our Top 6 posts is a special two part section and is actually more of a Podcast with an accompanying blog post.

These are the podcasts where we are joined by Carlo from 2nd Office to discuss how outsourcing for your ecommerce business.

Carlo and 2nd Office are the experts when it comes to ecommerce outsourcing and this is where we introduce you to outsourcing for the first time.

As you may or may not know here at UnderstandingE we are big fans of outsourced staff members and we know exactly what impact they can have on you and your business.

To view part 1 of the Outsourcing podcast you can click the button below:

In part 2 we are joined by not just Carlo but also by Tom who is a user of 2nd Office and we hear from him directly about how outsourcing has improved his business…and it is really cool!

To view part 2 of the Outsourcing podcast you can click the button below:


So in  summary these are mine and Matt’s 6 (7 if you include the bonus outsourcing one) favourite blog posts that we have written so far.

We have over 170 published posts on the UnderstandingE blog and know that can seem a little daunting at first which is why we have put this post together for you to show you some of our favourites to get you started.

If you have any comments or questions about anything we covered in these posts or requests for posts you would like to see then please let us know in the comments section below.

Or of course in the forums which are always open.

Happy Reading

Dave & Matt

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