Online Shoppers Trust Amazon More than Brand Websites

Online Shoppers Trust Amazon More than Brand Websites

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Does your eCommerce website have what online shoppers are looking for, or is it missing important information?

We’re not simply referring to a product that’s on trend or relevant, but the crucial details that come with it and influence people to buy.

Most brand websites are guilty of providing incomplete information, hence discouraging many e-shoppers in Europe and pushing them towards Amazon.

According to a new survey which inRiver, a product information management platform, conducted among 6,088 online shoppers in Europe, only 11% would go to a brand’s website to search for a product.

45% of the respondents said Amazon is always their first recourse, considering it as the ideal source for the following:

  • product information
  • price comparisons
  • consumer reviews

On the other hand, 28% of them rely on search engines in product research.  

According to Thor Johnson, chief executive officer of InRiver, good product information turns browsers into buyers. To achieve this, online businesses should embrace the fact that:

“Consumers are dismissive of brands and retailers who do not instantly deliver the information they need. Adding a limited number of pictures to the general product information is no longer good enough. Consumers’ expectations have increased, and they want to see products in context, as they would in-store, to give them the confidence to buy.”

Use various media to present your product

Although photos of your product shot from different angles can help a customer visualize it, a video or a live demonstration of it is much more appreciated by the many.

inRiver’s report shows that 33% of shoppers think that videos showing products in different contexts are most helpful in their buying decision, while 18% said they’d appreciate a product demonstration by a social media influencer.

For product videos, 49% said YouTube is their platform of choice while 32% prefer Facebook.

Regardless of the platform or format you use, see to it that you provide clear and complete product information on your site, or else you’ll drive away potential customers.

It’s worth noting that 31% of inRiver’s survey respondents said that it only takes them 10 seconds to get to another online store if they can’t find what they need.

Now now, that’s not something that you would want, right?

What are you doing to make your eCommerce site a reliable source of product information? We’d love to hear from you in the comments below.

As always, to your continued success,

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